The Brest region tourist - "Unique lake Sporovsky" (Hiking) along the lake Sporovsky
Length - about 6 km The best time is may-July The number of tourists to 20 people For information: in Addition to the necessary tourist equipment participants must have rubber…

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The largest lake of Ukraine - Synevyr
The largest lake of Ukraine is located in the most picturesque place of Transcarpathian region - mezhigorie. The lake Synevir is located in the upper reaches of the river Tereblya…

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“volcanic lake”


Tongariro ( T ongariro National Park ) — the oldest national Park in Novoc Zealand, located in the Central part of the island Cavenago. This volcanic mountain chain, stretching along the northeast Pacific coast. These mountains have cultural and religious significance for the Maori people and symbolise their spiritual links with nature on the island. In the Park there are three extinct volcanoes – Ruapehu, the highest peak North of the island with a height of 2797 metres above sea level, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro.

The Park will offer exciting adventure travel by bikes, kayaking, river rafting and much more. For the convenience of living on the territory of National Park village is 4 star hotel and plenty of motels. In the cold season the Park will offer You an unforgettable ski trips. You can comfortably tourists to explore the unique landscapes, to travel the open countryside, to test themselves in fascinating passages through mountain passes.

The nature of this volcanic region unique. Frozen layers of lava flows and magma, volcanic lakes and other natural phenomena, testifying to its former activity. On the slopes Ngauruhoe visible traces of spills of black volcanic lava formed after the eruption of 1954.

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What lurks in the depths of the lake where the monsters live

At all times met people who claimed to have seen UFOs or the Loch ness monster. Truth or fiction we do not know. We have assembled a collection of lakes, which according to witnesses, live in the most notorious monsters.

Loch Ness, Scotland

Without exaggeration, the most famous lake monster in the world. Samaritanism rumors of which date back to the VI century BC,according to many scientists – the last dinosaur living on earth.

Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada

Ogopogo is a legendary monster that brought fame to the whole of British Columbia and almost come close in popularity to Nessie. Seen for the first time in 1958, he was regularly described by eyewitnesses as long sleader with a body resembling a barrel, a long neck and fins.

Lake Labynkyr, Yakutia, Russia

Labinski Hell – beast, seen by Yakut in the nineteenth century. Although the photo – video evidence or not. Additionally, the noise supposedly made by the monster, was able to record, and with the help of sonar, there was a huge shadow, is clearly not suitable in size or one famous lake fish.

Kanas Lake, Xinjiang Province, China

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Travel Club “Relax”

Venetian Riviera

Where you want to go back.

Who visited Italy, the house speculates that there should be one. This feeling does not go after the second or after the tenth trip. Italy is very different, its regions do not resemble each other. Venetian Riviera — a special world of comfortable beaches, parks and atmosphere of carelessness.

Sea, pines, mountains

Venetian Riviera called several resorts on the Northern coast of Italy. From there you can see the snow caps of the Alpine peaks, everywhere Italian pine — pine. The beaches are sandy and gently sloping, Adriatic sea warms up quickly and cools down for a long time, and the swimming season lasts from may to October.

— There are no hotels, which would have a long walk to the shore, — says the Manager of travel “Relax” on the street Esenin Olga KNYAZEVA. — They built the lines, even from a third distance to the sea will not exceed three hundred meters. Almost all of the hotels complimentary beach equipment — sun loungers and parasols.

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