Abstract five salt lakes in Chelyabinsk region
The ecological status of the Chelyabinsk region. The emissions estimate. In the area has many small, mostly salt lakes. Among the most . Dalmatian Pelican (the Red Book of Russia)…

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Grindelwald was nearly flooded
The rock slide in Glacier lake provoked a rise in the water level, and river Black Lucina he threatened to withdraw from the coast. | The whole country spent the…

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Fishing on the lake Doubles (Big lake)

In addition to its amazing beauty of the lake Pair is famous for its fishing. A large water area of water with depths greater than 18 meters allows the coexistence of many fish species. After all, it’s ruff, perch up to trophy fish weighing up to six pounds, roach, carp, pike(notes fishermen who are spearfishing on lake Pair reaches 15-20 kg). Since the mid 90-ies of the lake was seeded specifically so, to the main list of fish have been added Peled, whitefish, bream, omul. Sometimes, there are rare instances of sturgeon. Summer fishing on lake Pair (Large).

In the summer you can fish from the shore, but in this case the catch will consist of small size perch, and ruffe Soroki. Therefore, for more effective and efficient fishing, fishing is from the boat on spinning. Large perch and pike are very willing to take on a live bait – but it all depends on the season and the skill of the fisherman. There were rare cases that the banks pulled out a pike weighing under 5 pounds – but there are already to blame for crazy fishing luck. So for a trip on the lake Paired with the goal of fishing take a boat, spinning lure, wobblers and popery. As well as a simple fishing rod for catching live bait. Bait fish you can safely catch and from the Bank. The most convenient places for fishing from a boat is – ness of Boyarka, near the village of Sartaul and marshlands along the road with Steam room the village the village of Big lake, nedoezzhaya to the village where the with kilometer. Well, any place at a depth in the center lake Pair (Large). By the way for fans of underwater hunting are recommended places Cape Boyarka and wetland not far from the village a Large lake. If the weather is nice where you can shoot for 6-8 hours pike. Although these instances usually do not reach large sizes from 600 grams to 1.5 kilograms is the normal size (although in this case postrel)))).

Winter bites almost everything except carp and although he proceviat in warm weather, one year in the Fellow carp were eating all winter. Loaded for fishing I take the jig, lure, hooks are simple (they are particularly fond of Soroki). Buy the bloodworms and make the dough from semolina and buy a lure. From fishing locations selected according to circumstances and objectives as the fishing. If we go to Coroico perch and pike makes no sense to go in depth. The effect will be the same what to fish around the Cape hawthorn or from the village of Sartaul, but the fishing line will be wound. The depth at the middle of the lake Pair (Large) reaches 18 meters. But if your goal is omul, and Peled, then it would be preferable depth and night fishing. In this case, take a good winter tent. Takes good pike on the imitation fish with live bait. But you will have to drill a lot. If at the beginning of winter the ice is 10-15 centimeters, and then after the new year ice up to 1.5 meters. At the beginning and the middle of winter to fish is still preferable to away from the coast. But with the onset of spring, the bite is very good near the shore ranging from 50 to 500 meters. Winter fishing season on lake Pair (Large). Starts from the beginning or the middle of November and ends by the end of April. Well, no tail or scales)))