Autumn memo reserved the tourist
Now in the nature reserve "Vishera" is the most colorful season – fall. Colorful lakes and waterfalls of river Gypsy, mountain panoramas of the Hearth and the highest point of…

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Journey to the emerald island. The lakes of Killarney and the gorge Dungloe
The lakes of Killarney, the gorge Dungloe or trying to lose No. 2 We were in Killarney with only one purpose – to see the famous lake, but what we…

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Amazing lake with water unusual colours

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This magnificent lake with water of unusual shades

The earth is abundant with many amazing natural attractions that can be found in various parts of the world. Among such places include lake with water very unusual shades.

Bolivia, Laguna Colorado

In the North-West of the Altiplano near the Chilean border is mysterious and one of the most beautiful locations – the Laguna Colorado, which is a shallow salt lake. Its average depth is only 35 cm.

The water changes color from coral red to violet color that depends on the temperature and time of day. Such an unusual color give the water a tiny algae that in order to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation of sunlight, produce carotene.

Surprisingly, in this area at a height of over four kilometers, where at night the temperature drops below 20°With frost, is home to thousands of flamingos. Here are the most common Andean and Chilean flamingos, there are also rare James flamingos.

Indonesia, crater lakes of Kelimutu

On the island of Flores in the place where stands the volcano Kelimutu is three crater lakes that differ in their colors. The lake is Tiwu AtaMbupu, which is the most westerly of these lakes, water is usually blue.

The other two lakes are separated by a wall of the crater. In the lake of young Men and Maidens (Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai) is green water, and in the Magic lake (Tiwu Ata Polo) water red shades. For geologists, the lake Kelimutu are of particular interest, as three of the reservoir completely different colors, but are located on top of a volcano.

New Zealand, lake Ngakoro

The water of lake Ngakoro has a distinct light green color. Such an amazing shade of water gives a high concentration of iron oxides and sulfur.

China, Five flower lake

In the heart of the country in the North of Sichuan province in the territory of the national Park Jiuzhaigou is a lake of Five Colors, which from time to time changes its color from yellow to dark green, but mostly water in the lake is diamond blue. Generally it is a place shrouded by mysteries and riddles, and meanwhile, the nearby lake is periodically shallow and dry, while the water level in the lake Five Colors is always constant.

The water in the lake does not freeze even in winter, though all in the same neighboring lakes it is covered by ice. This is the reason that the local population experiences some fear and kind to him.

The main explanation is the fact that the water in the lake does not freeze, is the presence of undersea hot springs, making its surface appear periodically air bubbles.

Australia, lake Hillier

On the edge of Middle Island (Middle island), part of the hundreds of Islands of the archipelago Research that stretches for tens of kilometers off the southern coast of Western Australia is a bright pink lake Hiller (Hillier).

Unusual lake was first discovered in 1802 at a time when the Explorer Matthew Flinders from Britain’s decided on the way to Sydney to stay on a small island. The surprise of the traveler, there was no limit, when it’s in a dense Australian forest came across the pink lake!

For some reason the color of the water in lake Hillier is so pronounced bright pink shade, the studies have so far not responded.