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The Lake Mondsee, Tours to ski resorts in Austria and Ischgl in the winter

Lake Mondsee

In the Salzkammergut in a well known resort area is very beautiful amazing lake Mondsee, which area is fifteen square kilometers. In length the lake stretches for seven miles, and its greatest depth is seventy meters. Lake Mondsee has an unusual curved shape resembling the mirror image of the letter S.

A bit of geography

It is a lake of glacial origin. In the South-East shore of the Mondsee rises high and cuts right to the lake in the form of stone walls, called the dragon wall. This is considered the warmest lake in the Salzkammergut, in the summer it easily warms up to twenty-seven degrees.

Mondsee is rich with fish. In the North of the lake of the same name is located the ancient town of Mondsee. Today Mondsee and the whole region of the Salzkammergut is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations of Austria. Every year this place is visited by large number of tourists and tours to Austria are becoming increasingly popular .

Here on the lake is the famous resort — PT.Lorenz offers a great opportunity for active rest and sports, for example Windsurfing, beach volleyball, water skiing and other.


Don’t forget that Mondsee is, above all, the purest mountain air, the beautiful dark green of thick woods, the smell of freshly cut green grass, extremely bright blue water that gently goes in the lighter blue of the sky and the majestic rocky mountains, where popular legend. For example, one revolving once in these lands lived a very evil and greedy ruler, who collected tribute from the peasants. And those who couldn’t pay, she was expelled from the country. Aware of rumors of greed, the ruler of hell, who is very troubled by her avarice and anger, and he decides to take her to hell. Seizing her, he began to fly, but a little calculated, crashed into a mountain and punched a hole with a diameter of ten meters. In clear weather, well if you look closely, you will notice around the hole pieces of clothing, and the mountain itself since then as the “Wall of the devil”.


As shown by excavations conducted in the nineteenth century, since prehistoric times people settled on the banks of a picturesque lake. They demonstrated the culture of the pile dwellings of the Neolithic period. The whole culture of this region have died after the tsunami, which was caused by a landslide.

Beginning history of the village takes eight-hundredth year, in those days on the shores of lake Mondsee, founded the Benedictine monastery of Muninseok, which was the first monastery in Upper Austria.

In the late eighteenth century the monastery was closed and rebuilt into the castle. Today the monastery has only one main attraction is the Church of Michael, and several buildings which house a local history Museum and unusual Museum of pile dwellings.

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