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Unique lake Tambukan in Kabardino-Balkaria, is under threat

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Known healing pond Kabardino-Balkaria – lake Tambukan – can lose their therapeutic properties. This is due to the fact that the dense forest planted on the shores of the lake, prevents the absorption of rainwater into the soil. It drains into the reservoir and reduces its salinity. You can solve this problem it would be restored around the lake blown steppe zone.

The Big Tambukan lake is a unique reservoir of Kabardino-Balkaria, which is known far outside the Republic, because of its healing properties. In particular, it is known for its healing mud. However, this pond, first, is under threat, risking to lose their useful qualities, and secondly, he poses a threat to the Federal highway, as due to the increase in size can contribute to the destruction of the road.

The head of the Russian geographical society in CBD Viktor Kotlyarov . who is a confidant of the President, appealed to all not indifferent to the fate of a unique natural object with the call: “Save Tambukan!”. Kotlyarov said that irreversible processes the reservoir began due to the fact that around the lake was artificially planted forest. The trees were planted very densely and have become obstacles to wind flow. In this regard, it was difficult for the absorption of rainwater into the soil. Instead, she began to drain into the lake. This decreased the salinity level of the reservoir, in addition, over the past 25 years Big Tambukan has increased in size by a quarter and began to pose a threat to the Federal highway. It should be noted that the lake began to appear all sorts of aquatic vegetation, which affects the composition of curative mud and its properties.

As stated by Viktor Kotlyarov, in order to solve the problem of Big Tambukan lake, you must rebuild around him the steppe zone, which will be good enough to be purged. In addition, you should do the restoration of the natural channel that connects the Great lake Tambukan with a Small Tabucanon located somewhat lower, so that the excess water was poured there.

According to experts, first of all, you need to change the status of the lake, which is now considered a part of the forest to replace forest vegetation in plants of a steppe zone and enter the layer-by-layer extraction of mud, so that the resource can recover.