The deepest lake in the world
  Lake like bodies of water scattered throughout the planet. Sometimes the scale of such natural areas surprise you, especially when it comes to size, and definitely the deepest lake…

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"unique lake"
THE TOUR "LEGENDS OF THE LAKE VISTYTIS" Lake "Vishtinets" – the unique lake of glacial origin and is the most ancient, deep, large, clean in the Kaliningrad region, it is…

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Autumn memo reserved the tourist

Now in the nature reserve “Vishera” is the most colorful season – fall. Colorful lakes and waterfalls of river Gypsy, mountain panoramas of the Hearth and the highest point of Perm Krai mount Tulym will delight all lovers of the quiet autumn beauty. On 15 October the reserve’s ecotrail is closed until next summer. Hurry to apply for the end of the tourist season in the nature reserve “Vishera”!

Every year the romance of the taiga hikes attracts a lot of travelers on ecological trails of the reserve “Vishera”. These include both experienced tourists and ordinary people badly representing the specific nature Pesce-water trips on the edge of pristine taiga. Colorful Golden autumn time presents special challenges for the routes due to weather conditions that are often less favourable than in the summer.

So that your holiday does not become a difficult and dangerous trek with elements of survival, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the reminder of the reserved tourist.

Preparing to visit the reserve Vishera, you have to understand that it’s remote from civilization mountain-taiga terrain where no roads, towns, and cellular communication. The beauty of these places opened only after overcoming various natural obstacles. And on the nature trail lot: wetlands, the fallen trunks of the windfall trees, slippery from the rain and the first snow stone field – the screes. September weather in the mountains is very unstable. For a couple of hours a Sunny Indian summer day can be rainy and cold. In bad weather the mountain tops often draws a thick fog of low clouds, hiding colorful landscapes. These are objective natural difficulties Vishera routes that cannot be overcome by any effort on the arrangement of the ecotrail.

For these reasons, an important requirement for the participants of the reserve hike – good health, endurance and the willingness to tolerate inevitable inconveniences taiga. To maintain good health during the campaign of mandatory first aid kit with minimal supplies, elastic bandage and adhesive plaster. Forest and mountains often reward their guests with scratches, grazes and small strains, and this should be done.

Special attention should be paid to Assembly of equipment. The backpack should be comfortable to wear and roomy enough. Things attached to the outside, always hinder movement, bitches get wet and damaged. In spite of any weather forecast, You should have a change of clothes and a raincoat. A change of clothes, matches and kindling for a fire you need tightly Packed – in heavy rain the backpack gets wet through. On the feet it is best to have the boots. Especially now, in autumn. They will avoid many problems in wet weather, on the water during the rafting and also the frequent transitions through puddles, streams and small rivers. They can pass over any terrain and in any weather keeping warm and dry feet. This is a very important condition to maintain good health during the campaign. In rainy weather a small tent will help to dry wet clothes over the fire. The number of personal belongings it should be possible to reduce, as in the campaign much more easy burden behind than daily comfort. A list of needed items consists of tents, sleeping bags, tourist rug, bowlers on the group. Each participant must have an individual set of dishes (mug, spoon, bowl. knife). For each group, it is desirable to have 1 small camp hatchet. The number and range of products should be discussed with all members of the group. They need to collect the minimum, maximum facilitating its task of carrying the load. Do not take a heavy and hearty vegetables and fruits, preferring cereals and canned goods.

In no case do not bring in the reserve is very vulnerable in the campaign and a heavy glass dish, easy to get wet and practically no drying heavy cotton clothes. Avoid crossings on snow-covered boulders. In wet weather, not uncommon at this altitude the September snow it is better to refrain from getting on the main peak of Tolima. Slippery boulders in the rivers this time of year are dangerous.

During the journey across the protected ecological trail is also important ethical aspect of human behavior in harmony with nature. It is the same for all in all seasons of the year and is governed by simple rules of stay in the reserve. The basic rule is to minimize the traces of the group on the route that nature has been able to quickly restore its former pristine appearance. Transitions should not be loudly to be quiet and careful not to scare away the animals. It is strictly forbidden to build new places of fire and Parking, to fill the new trails. Settle in for a long stay and overnight in the reserve is allowed only in specially equipped areas with cabanas and fire pits, which are evenly often found on Hiking and water areas and a nature trail. Household garbage is burned or carried away with them.

You should also pay attention to the preparation of necessary documents (permission to visit this place). Any hike by the reserve begins with an application to the Department of environmental education, after which specified the date, resolved the transport issue, the permit is issued and provided support for each group. Permission to visit shall be documented only in the presence of passport data of all participants. To file a request for a visit to the territory preferably in advance (for the week).