A Trip to the lake Sun. Part 3. Lake: goblinid
The surroundings of the lake Sun after the ice - it is quite a spectacular sight. However, he wanted to sleep terribly. Time is still hours 9 am - and…

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Amazing lake with water unusual colours
Datalife Engine Demo This magnificent lake with water of unusual shades The earth is abundant with many amazing natural attractions that can be found in various parts of the world.…

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Lake Louise (Lake Louise), Canada

Inland resorts of lake Louise

The resort is located in South-Western Canada, Alberta in Banff National Park, 55 km West of the town of Banff and 177 km from the city of calgary. Its history began in 1882, when Tom Wilson, one of the experts who built the Canadian Pacific Railway in the area of the village of Laggan (the former name of the station Lake Louise), once discovered a beautiful lake surrounded by the majestic Rocky mountains, with snow-capped peaks and bright green forest on the picturesque slopes. He later recalled: “for Some time we sat silently, unable to look away from the brilliant beauty of the landscape that unfolded in sparkling glacier”.

The first discoverer called it Emerald lake, but then, in 1884, it was renamed lake Louise in honor of Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, daughter of Queen Victoria and wife of Governor-General of the canadian colonies of great Britain. Today lake Louise and its beautiful surroundings — this is part of the unique Banff National Park, rich in flora and fauna, as well as a luxury ski resort, where there are many attractions and entertainment that attract tourists from around the world.

The climate of the resort is temperate and rather mild, the coldest month-January, the warmest-July, rainfall – an average of 472 mm, the snow cover in winter – roughly 400 see

Sporting opportunities

Plain and mountain skiing – 113 trails, 11 lifts, the height of the resort – 1646 m above sea level, nearby are the ski resorts of Sunshine Village and Mount Norquay snowboarding, sleigh rides and dog sledding, several ice rinks, mountain Biking, tennis, several Golf courses, river rafting, Canoeing, mountaineering, Hiking trails.


The resort’s restaurants offer dishes and European cuisine; almost every hotel has its own restaurant, there are incredible restaurants in cowboy style, and wishing to take in the wonderful scenery of the resort will enjoy a panoramic restaurant, Lodge of the Ten Peaks.

On the resort there are many sports shops, clothes shops and shops where you can buy unique Souvenirs made by local artisans, shops Lake Louise are located mainly in the centre of Lake Louise Samson Mall and hotels.

In the vicinity of the resort, the visitor can admire the most powerful waterfall Takakkaw Falls – the third highest in Canada (380 m), Johnston canyon with high walls of limestone, which is unusually beautiful in the winter.

Since the opening of the resort and up to the start of the summer season the resort hosts various festivals and competitions. Thus, since the middle of November at the resort are ski competitions among women, and in March – a family competition. Also in early March and April competitions in snowboard, in January – the international competition for the best ice sculpture.

Children the resort offers various sports and entertaining programs, they opened ski schools, skating rinks, arranged a fascinating tour of Banff Park. Training for Alpine skiing begins with three years. There is a special course for three-, four-kids, as well as a variety of courses for older children.