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Resort – Lake ucum

In the Krasnoyarsk region is an absolutely amazing piece of nature – Ucom lake with bitter-salt water located in a mountain valley. Low mountains rise around, as if fencing your pearl from the outer world. Millions of years nature has conjured over the prescription of the lake water and silt mud, and it’s a unique formulation that cures many ailments. It was opened many centuries ago. Many diseases treated exactly tumskoy mud. In the XIX century on the lake appeared to natural treatment center. Rumor about the miraculous properties of the local mud reached the capital. Many ladies came here to be treated for infertility, the glory of the lake grew. In 1925 was founded the resort “Lake Uchum” is the first health resort of the Krasnoyarsk territory. For 85 years it has cured many thousands of people.

Scientists say that the healing resources of lake Uchum simply inexhaustible. Many decades of observations of water level confirmed: it rises and then decreases. And it happens millions of years. That silt mud, which is used to procedures – a fraction of the inventory at the bottom of the lake. Owing to the remoteness from industrial centres and special microclimate of the valley, the accumulation of sludge treatment continues today. As a result of complex chemical reactions green vegetation of the lake – Tina or krill is processed into a substance that contains in itself almost all the elements of the periodic table.

Relatively small lake is about 4 kilometers in length and 2 in width – is a huge store of natural medicines. It will be enough to bring back health to thousands of people. Healer-nature this will help the medical staff of the resort. Here, experienced doctors, most of whom work at the resort for decades. In their eyes, many histories become stories of recovery.

Accommodation and room types

On the territory of the sanatorium there is a dining room, a restaurant, a medical building, and four buildings with a total capacity of 600 beds. All of the rooms 1, 2 and 3 buildings are equipped with a TV and fridge, each room has a bathroom. The resort has rooms with multiple beds for people with spinal cord injuries to move in wheelchairs, there are ramps. The hospital also created the conditions for the disabled. Building # 1 is reported to warm transition with the hospital and dining room; on the 1st floor there are twin rooms with two single beds, on the 2nd and 3rd floors there are single rooms with large double bed. Also in the first building are available in the VIP room. Building # 2 has two rooms (bedroom + living room). The food in the dining room or in the restaurant of your choice (extra charge for the food in the restaurant is 300 rubles per day)

An adult with a child can be placed :

2-bed room on the voucher “Mother and Child”;

1-bed room (with double bed);

For child up to 1.5 years the fee is 250 rubles per day, the treatment and meals are not provided. For children older than 1.5 years, the cost depending on the age stated in the price list .

Family of 3 persons can be accommodated: