Vacation in Austria. Diving in Tyrol: Achensee, Pernsteiner see and other lakes
Dark blue mountain lakes of Tyrol surrounded by the picturesque mountain landscape of the Alps. Mountain range of the Karwendel combined form the largest conservation area in Europe. Between the…

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Horror of Carpathia "Synevir" (Ukraine, 2013, Directors — Alexander and Vyacheslav Aleshechkin, cast — Sergey Romanyuk, Alyona Lavrenyuk, Ilya Rudakov, Bogdan Osipchuk, Zoryana Marchenko, Konstantin Voitenko, Philip Kozlov, Mila Sivickaja,…

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Library of the Tourism Vertical. The largest lake in Europe – lake Ladoga

The Republic of Karelia since ancient times was called as the Lake district. And among the huge number of its lakes Ladoga stands out for its vast expanses.

On Ladoga lake more than 600 Islands(among them the famous island of Valaam). area exceeding 1 hectare.Most of them(over 500) are located in the Northern part of the lake. Many Islands separated by a maze of narrow channels, in which nothing is lost to an inexperienced traveler, give a special beauty to this part of lake Ladoga, called the skerries area. The intricate shapes of the rocky Islands, reaching sometimes a height of 60— 70 m, combined with the dismembered shores of the continent, in which deeply cut into numerous and different from each other bays.

How beautiful shores of the lake! Hostess-the nature has taken care of that there is no monotony in the Kingdom. If you cross the Ladoga, we can see how diverse, unique and beautiful view of its banks. Wide open was given the southern part of the lake are replaced in Northern rocky ridges, referred to here as “fences”, and the rocks moulded by the glacier “the mutton foreheads”. Around a mysterious forest with mighty trees, thickets of juniper and the moss-covered boulders. The lake penetrates deeply into the rocky shore. Water reflected in its stone cliffs and pine trees-giants.

Thirty-two rivers carry their waters into the Ladoga. As they are not similar to each other! In the West — the Vuoksa river with its quiet pools and backwaters interspersed with rapids and rapids and to the South of the Volkhov river, the straightforwardness is similar to the channel, full-flowing Svir, concealing a large amount of energy, and a small Northern Hanioti rivulet, lost among woodlands and meadows. Some of the rivers source is only 20-40 km from lake Ladoga, while others stretch for several hundred kilometers, and their waters have a long way to go before they flow into the lake.

Ladoga water composition of substances dissolved in it almost indistinguishable from natural water of any pond or river. Its main feature is that these substances are in very small quantities, bringing the water of lake Ladoga in quality to distilled and subjecting it to a number of the most freshwater lakes in the world.

Serene the silver surface of the open part of lake Ladoga in the rare quiet days, but the wind blew and the lake to the horizon becomes an endless raging element. At the exit of rocky Islands(skerries) in the open lake wave lead the formidable and inexorable force fall upon hard granite coast. But the numerous Islands, which break the storm waves are quiet bays. Even in the most severe storms of their mirror surface barely ripples, reflecting the sky and rocks, and only high above his head and roars ominously creepy forest — the wind, rolling through the high rocky Islands, catching the top of the mighty firs and pines.

Water, forest and stone mixed fancy and unique. Every curve of the shore hides a new picture, a new game of light and shade in the labyrinth of narrow channels. All extremely picturesque and colorful.

Spending your vacation in Karelia on the shore of lake Ladoga, you will never forget the transparent freshness of morning with the scent of a pine forest. A little water in the Golden rays of the still not visible sun. , A breeze blew and slightly Sarabias the surface of the lake. The sun goes up. Already flushed the tops of the pines, but the high rocky coast reflected in the lead-black water, still dark.

But isn’t it just a wonderful evening with the crimson sunset, the rays of which glows like the dark wall of the forest? And then there are the bright nights, quiet, mysterious, broken only by the shrill trills of the Nightingale.

Resting on lake Ladoga, we understand – it is unique. Many artists, composers, poets in their own way told about the lake. Otherwise told about him and we. But to create your own image of this ever-changing waterfront, you need to see it with my own eyes and this will help you tours around Karelia.


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Library of the Tourism Vertical. The largest lake in Europe - lake Ladoga
The Republic of Karelia since ancient times was called as the Lake district. And among the huge number of its lakes Ladoga stands out for its vast expanses. On Ladoga…

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