The Brest region tourist - "Unique lake Sporovsky" (Hiking) along the lake Sporovsky
Length - about 6 km The best time is may-July The number of tourists to 20 people For information: in Addition to the necessary tourist equipment participants must have rubber…

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Lovely lakes of Italy - the Russian Courier
Many tourists are attracted by the amazing beauty of the lakes, which are abundant in Italian land. Guests willing to visit them, take photographs and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty.…

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A Trip to the lake Sun. Part 3. Lake: goblinid

The surroundings of the lake Sun after the ice – it is quite a spectacular sight. However, he wanted to sleep terribly. Time is still hours 9 am – and given – sleeping very little – and more driving – the eyes already closed. But nevertheless – shooting surroundings – continued.

1) For icing.

2) Quadric goes for KAMAZ.

3) the Valley.

4) can See – closer to civilization. At the remains of the boom. Before any horses kept any deer. Generally in the 40-50’s here life was in full swing. Walked the old road to the village of Ust-Omchug. Camps were concentration plant. Now the road to this village is quite different valleys – and then – desert.

5) Surroundings.

6) It’s not a Sunny lake. This is the beginning Bolotin in front of the lake.

7) the Ducks have been born. Soon they serve back home – for the winter.

8) the Surviving giant. Typically, these larches were cut down mercilessly. Years him – probably all of 500. Bad we have to grow trees!

9) somewhere out there – lake

10) a Shoe tree. The lake is close.

Finally seemed and the lake. We were delighted, the hard road ended. Still to go on-Board KAMAZ in the truck bed – not the most convenient pastime, especially when talking on the wetlands. Came – things got, tents (to live there until there is nowhere such a large group), had arranged, had Breakfast, and went to sleep.

11) at home.

12) Some settled more comfortably.

13) Guest house. More are being built. Build three Uzbek – brought into slavery on a permanent basis. Build soundly, right here on no other make – there’s nowhere to run – around taiga.

14) And this is another Guesthouse – but something in the construction gone wrong – and the upper floor began to collapse into the lake. So the construction stopped and the house will be dismantled and its component parts will go towards building another house. ) By the way – to the right is construction waste means to spend time on the water. To swim in the lake – and even necessary. Because the heat was infernal – under 30 degrees. And best of all she experienced here on these pieces of foam will climb up on them will fall and float slowly across the lake. In the lake – a lot galyanov – which smartly gnaw the legs like peeling. The girls enjoyed.

But the fish is not very good. There’s only malmö – even grayling was not. I understand that all grayling in the streams – the water in the lake for it was too warm to see. )

15) But in the mouth of that stream – it may well be grayling. )

16) Sunset on the lake – beautiful..

17) Dawn is too great.

18) and the day there is also good. But in my opinion a bit hot – but swimming is great.

19) and Can wander around – there Bolotina picturesque. )

20) view of the base from the side of the lake.

In the evening, by the way, was the bath. True to her poluchilsa little incident. The fact that her whole day has drowned two people who didn’t know each other. I mean is one goes into a steam room – what do you need a ride.And throws. And leaves. And behind it comes the second – and also throws up because he is too little. And they per day is not met. The result is a bath has become so hot that the steam room I could not even go. So, he stood on the threshold of blowing streams of hot air. Yes and dived in the cold key near bath. Was enough for me. Everyone else quacked when I tried to go there.

After the bath, sat on the shore, admiring the sunset. The place is very beautiful – but it is a pity that without fish. Rather, as the fish there – you just need to take the motor and go to the mouth of the streams, look for grayling.

Here is the journey. Even way back will be. )