After the annexation in Crimea withered the lake Chokrak. RSS-aggregator of news of the world
In place of the reservoir began the irreversible processes of degradation of land, we can begin negative effects on the environment and wildlife. To read the news. In the Crimea…

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"volcanic lake"
Tongariro Tongariro ( T ongariro National Park ) — the oldest national Park in Novoc Zealand, located in the Central part of the island Cavenago. This volcanic mountain chain, stretching…

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Seven unique parks of Russia

On 1 January 1917 in Russia created the first reserve — Barguzinsky. Since 1997 this day is celebrated as the Day of reserves. On the territory of Russia, rich in forests and mountains, beautiful lakes and rivers, pristine land, there are a lot of reserves, some of which can rightly be considered unique. Today we decided to make a compilation of seven of the most interesting nature reserves of Russia.


Barguzinsky reserve is the first protected areas in Russia. This is the only public reserve in the country, founded before the October revolution of 1917. This reserve is located in Buryatia, it is located on the Western slopes of the Barguzin ridge. C 1986 the year is one of the biosphere reserves of UNESCO. In protected territory of the Barguzinsky nature reserve is the North-Eastern coast of Baikal lake. The name of the reserve was under the name of the Barguzin river. In this reserve you can see not only the Barguzin mountain ridge, but fantastically beautiful valleys and forests and rivers, where are found the most different species of animals.


Baikal nature reserve — a beautiful reserve of Russia, which lies around one of the largest sources of fresh water in the world — lake Baikal. Was established in 1968. Baikal nature reserve is beautiful coniferous and deciduous forests. There are more than three hundred species of animals here you can also see more than eighty species of plants, many of these plants listed in the Red book. 40 plant species are endemic, i.e. are found only here. Rare animals are found in the rivers of the Baikal nature reserve. Beautiful views of the Baikal nature reserve and lake Baikal made this protected area known throughout the world.


“Golden mountains of Altai” — under such title, the territory of the Altai reserve is included in the List of world cultural and natural heritage. Was established in 1932. Altai reserve is one of the largest Russian reserves, which differs from almost all sides it is surrounded by high mountain ranges. On the South side the shores are washed by Lake reserve lake. In this reserve you can see wild forest, walk through rare pathways, and enjoy 1190 lakes. Here musicthese more than 200 endemic plants. Here dwells snow leopard — IRBIS. This beast is listed in the Red book of Russia.


State natural reserve Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina created 24 January 1993. Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina reserve. characterized by very diverse landscape zones, areas with very different natural conditions, as well as rare species of animals and plants. For example, in the Ubsunur basin is inhabited by animals such as snow leopard and argali sheep. In this reserve can be seen as arrays of the mountain taiga and thick forests of tundra, glaciers, and high mountains with extremely beautiful meadows and even forest steppe, treeless steppe, semi-arid deserts and sand dunes. UVS Nuur basin is a unique natural object, which was included in the List of UNESCO world heritage sites in 2003.


One of the most beautiful nature reserves of Russia — the Big Arctic reserve. Was established in 1993. This is the largest reserve in Eurasia. Here visitors can plunge into the polar atmosphere this is a particularly valuable land. In a Large Arctic nature reserve you can see the polar day and polar night, cross the dense forest to see a multi-year permafrost, as well as to enjoy the amazing diversity of landscapes. Am a Great Arctic reserve is washed by two seas: the Laptev sea and the Kara sea.

Lapland nature reserve is the largest protected area, which is protected in Europe. Was established in 1930. It is also one of the oldest reserves in Russia. The reserve was originally created in order to keep the population of reindeer and natural conditions that are in pristine condition. It is this untouched by anthropogenic influence protected area is the largest value of the Lapland nature reserve. On earth this beautiful vintage reserve managed to preserve pristine old growth forest.