Amazing lake with water unusual colours
Datalife Engine Demo This magnificent lake with water of unusual shades The earth is abundant with many amazing natural attractions that can be found in various parts of the world.…

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After the annexation in Crimea withered the lake Chokrak. RSS-aggregator of news of the world
In place of the reservoir began the irreversible processes of degradation of land, we can begin negative effects on the environment and wildlife. To read the news. In the Crimea…

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The Lake Balaton – TB ALCES. Rest and treatment in the Balaton

Holiday at lake Balaton

A hundred kilometers from Budapest to the South-West direction there is a unique lake Balaton (Balaton). It is a freshwater reservoir with a length of 77 kilometers and a width of from 1 to 12 kilometers in different parts. Every year from June to September here in the main resort of Hungary, there are hundreds of thousands of tourists to enjoy the splendor and uniqueness of this largest lake of Central Europe. The uniqueness of lake Balaton is not only in its location in the hollow of tectonic origin, but in small depth: on average, it amounted to three meters. The deepest spot of the lake is a Tihany basin (12.5 meters). In the summer, lake Balaton is warming up, on average, up to 21 – 22 0C. Vacation at lake Balaton is diverse and can satisfy any demanding tourist.

Northern shore of lake Balaton is more suitable for active recreation. At a small distance from the shore deep enough, and You can enjoy boating and fishing (the lake is inhabited by more than 20 species of fish). In towns of Siofok and Balatonfured, located on the shores of the lake, equipped trails on the electric actuator with trapezoidal rule for water skiing. An experienced instructor for several hours will help You feel confident on the jet ski and experience the true pleasure of skiing. Also, in the last few years actively developing equestrian tourism and horse show that are excited about both adults and children. And for those who prefer horseback riding Cycling, necessary Cycling voyage completely around the Balaton, titled “Bicycle ring around the lake”.

For family, more relaxing at lake Balaton with small children is ideal its southern shore. Here, even at the distance 200 – 300 metres from the shore the depth is not more than one meter, which allows kids to frolic for hours in the shallow water, getting an incomparable pleasure.

One of the main attractions of lake Balaton is a national Park located in some distance from the Northern shores at the foot of Bakony mountains. The Park is mountainous and promotion of visitors is limited specially laid trails of volcanic origin, the mountains. For the highest hill, St. George is the entrance to the caves with underground lakes, which were formed as a result of the influence of volcanic forces. Hot springs in the limestone washed the whole maze of halls and connecting corridors.

The most popular resort towns on the shores of lake Balaton are balatonfüred, Keszthely and siófok.

In the 18th century balatonfüred became a popular resort for visiting the Hungarian and Austrian aristocrats because of the curative mineral water springs, situated in the main square, which still drinking holidaymakers at the lake Balaton. And, strolling down the Avenue of Rabindranath Tagore, named in honor treated here Indian poet, can be read on the memorial plaques of many famous names here once vacationing celebrities.

Keszthely is the oldest city located on the shore of lake Balaton. Here there is indescribable atmosphere of the old streets of centuries past, and the Palace Museum in the Baroque style Festetics family is the hallmark of this city.

Siófok is the summer capital of the tourism of Hungary and is famous for its Villa quarter, the buildings old hotels and churches and the most popular beaches. The birthplace of the “king of operettas” by Imre kálmán in July and a folk festival “Golden shell”.

Vacation at lake Balaton is unique in its diversity. After visiting here, You will experience a lot of positive and bright emotions and keep your heart warm memories about this place.

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