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The Lake of Bitter Salt
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The Lake Ritsa, Stalin’s dacha

Ritsa lake is probably the most famous lake not only in Abkhazia, but also in the entire North Caucasus.

To visit Abkhazia, still, what a place Gagra or Pitsunda, and not to see lake Ritsa is unforgivable. First impressions are waiting for you in the road of the gorge – “goodbye Motherland”. At a sharp turn of the road just three meters wide, the rock immediately goes to the deepest gorge. Truly stumbled or gape and goodbye homeland. The experience of a lifetime!

The lake Ritsa is the most known lake in Abkhazia

lake Riza/ Abkhazia.

Abkhazia is undoubtedly a very beautiful country! Mountains, sea and greenery in the midst of all this beauty – the lake an extraordinary colour. A great air. Everywhere many sources of curative mineral water. It would seem the most suitable place for the construction of sanatoriums and rest homes. But They love and appreciate their land. Still the area remains virtually untouched.

The first impression of the lake Ritsa.

In front of you slightly greenish lacquered abyss. The water is pristine, but the bottom is like there.

Lake Ritsa is among the mountains, at an altitude of 930 meters above sea level. It is believed that the lake was formed by tectonic shifts caused mountain landslides. On the high mountains surrounding the lake Ritsa, always snow .

The area of this wonderful waterfront just to 0.67 square kilometers. The coastline – about five kilometers. But the exact depth of the lake nobody knows, sources give different estimates, from 116 to 150 meters.

The water temperature in the lake Ritsa.

The Lake Ritsa. Abkhazia.

The average water temperature in the lake Ritsa from 10 degrees to 17. They considered the lake a special, mystical and bathe in it did not venture. Said that swimming in the lake Riza brings misfortune. I’m certainly not superstitious people, and really love to swim in a storm and bad weather, get a huge shot of adrenaline, but swimming in the lake don’t even have any desire. It really is something frightening and mysterious. The feeling is just indescribable. The magical beauty and ……I don’t know how to describe this feeling is probably euphoria.

Legends of the lake Ritsa.

Legends of the lake Ritsa.

The lake seemed to be made of the ancient tales and legends. Legends about lake Ritsa, there are many. The most popular of the legends I have heard, tells of a girl who was in trouble. Faithful brethren do not have time to save her from a huge mountain eagle. Escaping from him, she threw herself into the deep waters of the lake. The brothers were frozen in grief and sorrow. And are, so far, into the mountain, guarding the peace of their beloved sister.

Lake Ritsa has the ability to change its color . and, it seems that there are mermaids or nymphs. In spring – summer, the lake dark-green in winter blue. They say that it affects the plankton that inhabit the lake – algae have different colors. Don’t know whether it’s true or not, I was on the lake Ritsa twice, in spring and summer, and the water in the lake had all shades from sky-blue to dark green.

I foresee a curious question – freeze if the lake Ritsa. Yes – lake Ritsa in the winter freezes . but on the ice, unfortunately, You still exit will not be, for your own safety. Water world of the lake are not rich, mostly trout, but lots of it, at your request, trout to catch and right in front of You to cook over charcoal or barbecue, the benefit of a small, cozy cafe located right on the lot.

Though the price fried trout bite, and the taste of local trout I didn’t like. By the way to catch trout and you can choose, such service on lake Ritsa is also available. I, for example, trout fishing has brought more fun than grilled trout with local wine. The wine here is not very good quality, but the price of wine is exorbitant. Although if you’re not a foodie, and as I grew up on don, you may not notice, and even be crazy about the local wines, they are somewhat similar to cheap Italian champagne without gas or flavored drink sweetened with a strange fruity taste of BlackBerry, outstanding wine forgery.

The land on which there is a unique lake called the Ritsa national Park . The area lies at the confluence of the rivers Bzyb and Lspci. From Ritsa lake follows the river Yupshara .

In the vicinity of growing tobacco, corn and the famous Abkhazian tangerines. But the main attraction of many of the apiary, it’s a Paradise for bees because there are many melliferous herbs.

Stalin’s dacha on lake Riza.

On the shores of lake Ritsa are dachas of Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev, but villas can be seen only through binoculars. They are closed to visitors by order of the President of the Republic. I tried to look at Stalin’s dacha on lake Riza in the video camera with a resolution of three thousand, the mountains with their snow caps at a glance, but the country safely hidden from prying eyes.

Stalin’s dacha on lake Riza.

But from a friendly local driver, I learned that Stalin’s dacha was built on the site of the house remaining from the Imperial times. And the whole Royal house consisted of a small shed with a pool table. Stalin himself planned giving. In the Stalin house, the Ritsa lake, there were three rooms with the same furnishings and layout. Rooms differed only finishing material. All the rooms were connected to a common walk-in balcony. Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev built his house a dozen feet away from Stalin and Leonid Brezhnev just combined the two villas corridor.

Noble Caucasian deer

To all this we have only to add that in the protected forests of Abkhazia are found many wild beasts. Caucasian brown bear, wolves, wild boars, foxes and jackals, and even the noble Caucasian deer. listed in the Red book . By the way that we are in a cage, in the sanatorium “literary Fund,” and deer on the loose.

The vegetation surrounding the lake Ritsa is no less interesting. Relict thickets of boxwood and beech, cypresses, oleanders and magnolias. In the vicinity of lake Riza even Himalayan cedars, listed here an unknown destiny, I think so, not without the help of the powerful.

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