Beautiful lake Garda

In the North of Italy, close to Milan and Verona, there is a lovely lake. We will go to the biggest of them pre-Alpine lake Garda.

There is hardly in Europe place more idyllic than the shores of lake Garda . Overgrown with olive groves of the valley, breathing the air of the Mediterranean, and the high pines on the mountains name is hidden from view of the peaks of the Alps. Even the ancient Romans appreciated the advantage of the local climate — mild winters and cool summers, began on the coast your Villa.

Now the lake Garda attracts tourists not only art landscapes and crystal clear water. Firstly, there are thermal springs, the water of which treat many illnesses. In addition, beaches on the lake’s only sandy and well equipped. And there is every opportunity to make beach-resort stay active.

Hiking around lake Garda

Two hundred years ago it was fashionable Hiking around lake Garda. The fashion of them British, many of whom were celebrities such as Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde. Charles Dickens. And we, the children of the twenty-first century, more preferred high-speed movement, so I chose the bike.

When they reached the lake district, someone stops in one of the beautiful hotels, and then develops the surroundings while others, in advance having planned the route and booked accommodation, each day, move from place to place. All towns are linked by a scenic road.

The most famous town on lake Garda – Sirmione is located on a small promontory covered with forest. There are only 500 inhabitants, and the entrance to Sirmione is guarded by an ancient Ford, over which a modern bus can not drive.

And the bikes — please! Bathing in thermal mineral source, we felt a wild hunger. Soon the smell of fried fish took us to a small restaurant. Huge brown and the incredible side salad and made our dinner a real feast. Besides the hostess treated us Nara glasses of Franciacorta — local “live” wine, made by a special recipe.

Coast of lake Garda is the northernmost point of Europe, where there are lemons and oranges. One of the towns of the so-called — Experts.

The town of Desenzano is the place of youth is not sleeping even at night.

Those who “docancel” until the morning, out on the promenade to drink a cappuccino with brioche and enjoy the scenic views of the lake, opening from Desenzano.

Lovers of the middle ages can stay in Malcesine. This town on lake Garda grew up around the castle Scaligero. Climbing up to mount Baldo on the cable car, you can see the entire lake from the top is unforgettable!

Lake Garda: where to buy Souvenirs

In the towns of lake Garda to buy Souvenirs very expensive. But the shopping in Milan is just gorgeous (Milan can be reached in just one hour). On the outskirts of Milan are the stock shops, which sold out the collection of Zanetti, Armani, Cerrutti on producer prices.

The notebook tourist: lake Garda

Currency. Euro. Everywhere accept credit cards — very convenient.

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