The cleanest lakes in the world
But if some of them are known to the society, other know only in narrow circles. Here is the list of the countries with the cleanest lake: The Republic of…

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After the annexation in Crimea withered the lake Chokrak. RSS-aggregator of news of the world
In place of the reservoir began the irreversible processes of degradation of land, we can begin negative effects on the environment and wildlife. To read the news. In the Crimea…

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Horror of Carpathia

“Synevir” (Ukraine, 2013, Directors — Alexander and Vyacheslav Aleshechkin, cast — Sergey Romanyuk, Alyona Lavrenyuk, Ilya Rudakov, Bogdan Osipchuk, Zoryana Marchenko, Konstantin Voitenko, Philip Kozlov, Mila Sivickaja, Igor Savinsky, Yuri Regan)

The USSR, the end of the 70s the Carpathians. Two local children — brother and sister — go early in the morning on a fishing trip and disappear into the woods. Then we see five young people — good girl, good boy, loser, arrogant macho and naughty girl — come relax on beautiful lake Synevyr. As expected in an archetypal slasher, the characters are pre-planned schemes — frighten each other underwater, listening to the song “Chervona Ruta”, are stupid conversations by the fire, consume alcohol. The loser tells a scary story about that here dwells a terrible mythical monster-a monster who does not Bode well for humans any good. In the bushes nearby lightning flashed some shadows. You hear a growl. But hot alcohol students are going to sleep. At this time in their camp uses the one missing in the prologue, the girl, and begs the guys to help her to find at night in a forest lost brother. Three show the generosity and breadth of soul and armed with flashlights, go into the thicket. Following fifty minutes of screen time the viewer will be forced to watch endless wandering youth in the dark, annoying voiced “Ay”. After forty seconds, the frame will be a welcome beast was. And the last fifteen minutes of the film authors will decide almost in Balabanovo.

The first Ukrainian horror, shot in 3D, some brothers Aleshechkin, is a very strange product. It would seem, having such an impressive Arsenal, as the Carpathians — a place full of mysticism and ancient legends could have been deployed in this field and give some great horror movies. At least according to the example of the Norwegian colleagues, whose Scandinavian horror pleases the past years all fans of the genre. And that brings us to “Synevyr”, which is nothing more or less than about cynocephala — the creatures described by Herodotus and Marco Polo. Don’t forget about Saint Christopher, who was often depicted on icons with a dog’s head. In Rus, this image of the Martyr were banned by the Synod in 1722, the year, however, the old believers to this day is revered Christopher in the image of the beast was. As stated in the Apocrypha, it was the tall man from the tribe of cynocephali who believed in Christ and became a Saint. According to Cypriot legend, the young Christopher was so beautiful that, in order not to introduce women into temptation, entreated the Lord to disfigure my face, animal face. Icons Christopher-cynocephala, despite the official ban of the Church, preserved to this day in some Russian churches

As for Ukraine, the legends about these creatures live in the people today. In the NINETEENTH inhabitants of these lands and did not doubt the reality of bacigalova. And the Russian writer Alexey Ivanov in 2011 year released the novel “Pahlavi”, where fully enough the myth — the result can be found by anyone.

Such a lovely informative historical background, apparently, absolutely not interested with aleshechkin brothers who chose to go through the experience of their Western comrades. Picture leaving even a hint of the Ukrainian national character. To this sacred moment of this story — the appearance of the beast was — “Synevyr” school is a variation on the famous “Friday the 13th”. The same archetypal approach to the characters, instead of the Crystal lake — Synevir, and is actively wielding Jason Voorhees — fragmented monster, visually resolved in the pretty style of horror films of the 80s. With a budget of 1 200 000 $ is simply a crime to film such a poor story — one beast was not going to enter into eternity, and do not eat dogs. Especially when closer to the final picture brilliantly cope with domestic topic in which the more infernal than all the mysterious star hotel is situated in the woods together. The authors do not take upon myself even to explain to the audience “where he got out”, this strange beast. With regard to the political situation — if historical legends was not impressed with the authors — would not tolerate the action in the distant USSR, and to introduce in the narrative the actual Russian mark. Or, conversely, to fill the gap to one version of the origin of the ancient ukrov. But instead, Aleshechkin prefer vague playing in the sandbox that is an obvious insult to the ancient tribe of cynocephalus deserves far more detailed translate to the screen.