Ecuador - a place where everything is Vice versa
This journey was memorable to me its uniqueness. I would call it "Traveling first time": first time in Latin America, the first time below the Equator, etc. So my puteshestvie…

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The most ancient element in the fauna of the lake are the Indian bryozoans Victorella bengalensis, and L. S. Berg clam which, by definition, VA Lindholm, Hydrobia venturosa. This species…

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Grindelwald was nearly flooded

The rock slide in Glacier lake provoked a rise in the water level, and river Black Lucina he threatened to withdraw from the coast. |

The whole country spent the first warmer – maximum temperature for the first time climbed above 30 degrees, and in Geneva reached 33.8 degrees – a weekend in a relaxed state, except for residents of Grindelwald.

300 000 cubic meters of stone blocks and rubble collapsed on Friday evening from the mountain slopes in Glacial lake. Spontaneously born at the foot of the Eiger, it keeps for many years the inhabitants of the region in tension. The lake water flows into the river Black Lucina, a narrow but rapid, which rushes from the valley of Grindelwald. In early summer, the lake slowly filled with water, and the higher it rises the level, the more adrenaline enters the blood people, especially the restless feeling of power in the region. According to the catastrophic predictions, if the lake will “explode” out of the abundance of water, this will trigger and output of a Black Lucina from the coast, and in the disaster area will be all settlements lying along its bed, down to lake Brienz.

We already wrote that under the lake is planned to make sewage tunnel. The cost will be 15 million francs, and will begin work next spring. Underground drainage will limit the maximum level of filling of the lake up to half a million cubic meters of water. While in case of lake stocked special PE bags with stones which lie in Parking lots near the lake, and within the hour by helicopter can be built fortifications along the shores of the Black Luchini.

Good news two. The first is that the instrumentation scientists affected in waves by falling stones, easy to restore. The second is that an additional 200 000 cubic metres of rock debris still frozen and no longer slides into the lake. On for a while. Sight rolling on the slopes and falling into the dark waters of boulders and layers of stone chips, fragments of which showed the Central channels of the country, was really not for the faint of heart: a majestic and unforgiving.

On Saturday, the lake contained about 2 million cubic meters of water. Fortunately, the real threat of flooding was not. The A8 motorway, which connects Interlaken and Brienz, was closed from Friday evening, through the night the journey was resumed. The lake is under the constant supervision of experts, the water continues to rise at a rate of 1 meter per day.