After the annexation in Crimea withered the lake Chokrak. RSS-aggregator of news of the world
In place of the reservoir began the irreversible processes of degradation of land, we can begin negative effects on the environment and wildlife. To read the news. In the Crimea…

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The cleanest lakes in the world
But if some of them are known to the society, other know only in narrow circles. Here is the list of the countries with the cleanest lake: The Republic of…

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The most Beautiful lakes in the world – Advertising Agency paladin, Krasnoyarsk, BTL Agency paladin, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Sometimes looking at the picture and can’t believe my eyes — there’s no such colors in nature! However, on planet Earth, so many amazing places with a completely alien landscapes and unreal colors, it seems the whole life is not enough to visit them.

The pink lake

The pink lake or lake Retba located in Senegal. The name of the lake derives from the special color of the water. This color is caused by a large number of cyanobacteria in water: absorbing sunlight, microorganisms produce the pigment that turns the water. He was particularly noticeable during the dry season. Other organic life in Retba not — for algae and fish too high a concentration of salt in the water. Its content reaches 40 %. It is extracted from the bottom of the lake for nearly 50 years.

The retba is not the only one of its kind. On Earth there are at least two pink lake Hiller in Australia and salt ponds in San Francisco Bay.

Lake General Carrera

One of the deepest lakes in South America located on the border of two countries — Chile and Argentina. The water shimmers in all shades from emerald to turquoise color of aquamarine. In this fantastic place even the sky is not so blue, as blue lake. And in the middle of the reservoir rocks could be seen the magnificent Marble caves. More than a thousand years the water undermined the banks of rocks and created these amazing mazes.

Lake Ngakoro

The lake is located in New Zealand and has a light green color. This color becomes the reservoir due to the high content of sulfur and oxides of iron.

Mirror lake

The Uyuni salt flats — the world’s largest dry salt lake with an area of 10 582 sq km. It was established as a result of the transformation of prehistoric lakes. According to estimates it contains more than 10 billion tons of salt. During heavy rains, when the Salt flat of Uyuni is covered with water, the surface of this lake turns into a mirror. The lake is located in southwest Bolivia.

Red lake

Laguna Colorado is a very shallow lake with an area of 60 sq km, located in the southern part of the Bolivian Altiplano plateau at the altitude of 4278 meters above sea level. The color of this lake can change from blood-red to purple. It depends on the time of day and air temperature. Unusual shade of water give the lake algae that produce carotene to protect from UV rays. Laguna Colorado — a favorite habitat of thousands of flamingos.

Glowing lake

Amazing lake District can be found in Australia. At night the waters of the lake glow with blue neon light. Its source — algae, Nochesvetka that have the ability to bioluminescence. Forming clusters in the surface layers of water, algae cause the glow, similar to what happens only in the depths of the ocean. The plants themselves to the human eye, only the light coming from them.

Heaven and earth are reflected in the lake Five colors, fancifully colored mineral salts and water plants. It changes color from time to time, from yellow to dark green, but most of the time the water here is diamond blue. Unlike many neighbouring lakes, it is not petty and does not freeze in winter. So this place is shrouded in mysteries and riddles. The Chinese consider it magical.

Kelimutu Lake

In the craters of Kelimutu volcano on Flores island in Indonesia is three crater lakes. These lakes not only have different colors, but also can change them. For example, black lake may become red, then turquoise, then green. The color of the lakes depends on the prevailing levels of minerals dissolved in their waters. Local tribes lio there is a legend that the lakes are inhabited by the souls of the dead. In red lake there live the souls of murderers and sinners, the righteous and the elderly — in the turquoise, and the youth in green.

Lake Berryessa

Particularly known for an artificial lake near the dam Berryessa in California gives an original construction of the spillway in the form of a giant funnel. It’s a real hole, which drained the lake water. And the hole is not small: the depth of the crater is 21 meters and 22 meters in diameter.

Acid lake

Beautiful Sicilian Lake of Death is recognized as the most poisonous in the world. It has no fish, no algae, even the birds rarely fly over its waters. And swimming is extremely dangerous: any living creature that enters the lake, immediately killed. The fact that the water contains a large amount of concentrated sulfuric acid. She gets into the lake from springs at the bottom. It’s no wonder that in this lake the Sicilian mafia hide the bodies of their victims.