Grindelwald was nearly flooded
The rock slide in Glacier lake provoked a rise in the water level, and river Black Lucina he threatened to withdraw from the coast. | The whole country spent the…

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Chile: As a result, today in Chile you will find calm, full of dignity, but very friendly people with their own flavour, carefully preserved national tradition and is not alien…

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Original Sumatra island

Sumatra island with adjacent small Islands has an area of about 450 thousand km and belongs to the Large Sunda Islands in Southeast Asia.

Sumatra is 6th largest island on Earth. The island is approximately 1800 km, its width is 435 km Sumatra (Sumatra) is a part of Indonesia and known for its pristine nature and unusual beaches with dark sand, ruins of ancient palaces and temple complexes. Along the West coast of the island stretches Barisan mountains, the peak of which is mount of kerintji height of 3800 m. a Large part of East Sumatra swamped.

Sumatra placed simultaneously in the two hemispheres – the equator the island is divided approximately into equal parts. Sumatra is located on the territory of the Pacific volcanic ring of increased seismic activity (magnitude earthquakes reach 6-8 points), on its territory there are more than 10 active volcanoes. The coastline of the island is poorly indented, near the coast there are coral reefs. These factors have created the island’s beautiful landscapes and fertile soils. Since ancient times in Sumatra was the gold mines, for which he received the name “island of gold”.

The picturesque island of Sumatra not only famous for its mountain lakes, relict mining landscapes, kilometers of beaches and unique culture.

The capital of Sumatra – the largest city of Medan is known for its architectural and cultural heritage. This is the Masjid Raya, Istana of Maimon, as well as other buildings – ancient temples and monuments.

Another popular attraction of the island of Sumatra national Park reserve Mountain Leuser, nestled in a valley Lawang. More than 30% of the whole territory of the island is covered with tropical rain forests, is dominated by a variety of palms, ficus, lianas, tree ferns, giant bamboo, evergreen laurels, oaks, conifers. In the North-East of the island mangroves are common.

In Sumatra live: 456 species of birds, 196 species of mammals, 272 species, 194 species of reptiles. Here are the Indian elephant, the Sumatran rhinoceros, Buffalo, Malayan bear, leopards, Sumatran tiger, swingvote macaques, orangutans, siamang, macaques, Gibbons, shabrack tapir, striped pig, island civet, squirrels, bats. Many of the species of fauna and flora endemic to the island.

In the Central part of the island in the volcanic Caldera located is the largest volcanic lake Toba. It owed its origin to a volcanic eruption, the incident that happened about 75,000 years ago. The lake area – 1300 sq. km Toba Depth reaches 500 meters, and in its centre stands the island of Samosir. Very interesting Northern part of the lake – here you can see the amazing beauty of a mountain waterfall in the purest mountain air and crystal splashes of water create a fantastic effect! On the coast you. is a luxury resort Parapat.

These and other beauties of the island of Sumatra is so attractive and distinctive – they are like if transferred to another mysterious world.