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Ecuador – a place where everything is Vice versa

This journey was memorable to me its uniqueness. I would call it “Traveling first time”: first time in Latin America, the first time below the Equator, etc.

So my puteshestvie began with the landing in Ecuador’s capital, Quito. It was evening and pervich memories remain chaotic lights and dark narrow streets. The next day we went to walk around the city. To start, we went up the hill with a viewing platform “El Panecillo”. On top of the statue of the Saint, and with a significant hill offers amazing views of the city.

The city was struck by its diversity: from narrow dirty streets, to Shikari temples with expensive furnishings.

Plaza San Francisco

Iglesia de la compañía

Iglesia de El Sagrario

Iglesia de Basilica

And almost everywhere you can see IT!

In the evening you can stroll along the “Calle de La Ronda”. There are many restaurants with live music, as well as people demonstrating their talents. Napomnit our Arbat.

The next place that you want to visit, is 40 minutes from the city and is called “Monumento Mitad del Mundo” or the Middle, or Equator line. Unforgettable standing with one foot in North plecarii and the other in the South.

If poverty is not felt, then 30 minutes into the mountains and you find yourself in a different world, where people live in a household without electricity and water. Many people come there and help who than can: clothes, shoes, sweets to the kids. Without tears it is impossible. but the feeling that you made someone else happy is worth it.

On New Year’s locals strange tradition. Machine dressed women and ask for money. Not to give, since they just block the road.

If you want the sea, it is also not the issue. For 5-6 hours the bus will take you to the coast in a place Monpiche. There is a hotel “Camerun”. Don’t know how many stars. but all inclusive and the food is very bad.

The beach is magnificent. The sand is clean and teeming with small crabs. When they come out of their burrows, feeling that the earth moves.

The crabs are not only cute, but also very tasty.

Water as fresh milk, warm and soft.

Following impressive place volcanic lake in the village of “Quilotoa”. Guides say to go there 2 hours. Do not believe it. Have a couple of times to climb the serpentine road, then down a couple of times, plus the road is under construction. In General, to establish need 3-4 hours one way. But it’s worth it. Climbing the serpentine you find yourself above cloud level.

Insanely scary, but breathtaking.

And then we got IT again!

In the end, after hours of wandering we arrived at the destination.

To finally see the lake, you need to pass a small ravine. Local people say that it is natural, i.e., water laid itself a way for 1,000 years.

After the gorge, you magnificent views of the volcanic lake. It is poisonous, it is clear that to drink and to bathe it is impossible, there is no wildlife on the banks and still you can see the sulfur deposits.

On the way back was lucky enough to get to the festival in one of the villages. There people wear national costumes and speak in “mountain” language, which is more than 1000 years.

After the party ended everyone went home.

After returning to the city we were hungry and found an interesting place. You buy a set. It includes 3 appetizers, 3 main courses and 3 desserts. At first I was scared, because the locals love to eat a lot, but the portions were small and very tasty.

After a week spent in these wonderful places, I found myself thinking that it’s time to delve into the history. Near the town there are zahoronenie pyramids, which were built by local inhabitants before the Incas came.

They are not like the Egyptian, but the meaning is the same: the study of stars and time. The pyramid covered with earth. Scientists fear them to dig out because they were made of fragile volcanic rock. Under the influence of the environment they can be completely destroyed, so the tourists open only dug up small pieces. They are hollow inside, as if something was, it was plundered by the Spaniards.

What has amazed us all, this is a huge number of lamas. The question guide: Why are their so many here, he said, they were here at the time of construction of the pyramids, so we only support the landscape. He has these cool, to the touch like the sweater:-))

There is also a small Museum with artifacts found at the excavation site.

The next day we went to the town of Otavalo, about polutora hours from Quito. There 2 times a week a market, where locals offer crafts made with your own hands. We bought a blanket and Lama wool, sweaters, girls will pick Sharpie and scarfs and many more things. On the way back stopped for lunch in the town of San Pablo. Insanely beautiful place. There is one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes, where the competition is held in open water. The lake is surrounded by mountains and the highest of them Imbabura.

At the end of the trip we wanted to spend a few quiet days in the mountains. An hour’s drive from the town is the town of Papallacta. It is located in the mountains and is famous for its hot springs. I will say without a shadow of hesitate awesome place. There you can come for a day, but you can outstide for the night. So we did. in spite of the fact. it was not very cheap. We were given robes and we went to enjoy prirodni hot springs.

The place is remarkable by the fact that close to the hot springs flowing real mountain river.

OPP. of each house there is a swimming pool with water from the source. I will never forget this evening, bottle of champagne, a pool, and insane beauty of zvezdoi the sky.

Tired of the water, we decided to walk to the local jungle.

Walked along the river hoping to find piranhas (they told us they found there). Not found.

To Wade through the jungle is not an easy task, but for tourists there trails.

In the end, the journey came to an end. But it odinetsa forever in memory as the most unusual:-))