The most ancient element in the fauna of the lake are the Indian bryozoans Victorella bengalensis, and L. S. Berg clam which, by definition, VA Lindholm, Hydrobia venturosa. This species…

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The most Beautiful lakes in the world - Advertising Agency paladin, Krasnoyarsk, BTL Agency paladin, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Sometimes looking at the picture and can't believe my eyes — there's no such colors in nature! However, on planet Earth, so many amazing places with a completely alien landscapes…

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National Park Durmitor and the Tara river canyon – the Arriva

Durmitor national Park (the scheme ) was included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1980. Here the beauty of nature is revealed so that it outshines other natural attractions of Montenegro.

How to get to the Durmitor and the Tara canyon

Starting point to visit the Tara river canyon is the đurđevića bridge. You can come here by car or public transport and the tour. To the right of the bridge begins the path that descends to the river and displays a wide area of the canyon.

To reach Durmitor by bus and tour. By public transport you need to get to žabljak (about 15 €), then walk to National Park Durmitor. The Black lake can be reached in about an hour. At the entrance to the Park will charge 2 euros for the admission.

Park Durmitor

With Celtic “Durmitor” is translated as “mountains, on which many water sources”. There really is 18 lakes. They are called the Gorski Eyes (“Eye Gore”). This is a unique landscape that no longer exists anywhere in the world. The most famous of lakes – Black – stands at 1416 m above sea level.

The Durmitor mountain range surrounds the canyon on three sides. Bobotov Kuk is the highest point in the Park. He rises to 2522 m above sea level. Under the peak Region Chapter is located Ice cave. Its depth is about 100 m. It is situated in the canyon of the Tara river, which is an integral part of the reserve.

The Tara river canyon

The Tara river canyon – this unique natural attraction in Montenegro. He is listed in the world heritage list of UNESCO and is the second major one after American Grand Canyon. The length of the canyon is 80 km, depth of – the order of 1300 m, making it the deepest in Europe.

In the canyon of the Tara river grow trees of four hundred years a unique breed of Black pine. Some of them reach 50 m in height. In addition, there are medieval monasteries. Dovale, The Monastery Of St. Archangel Michael and Dobrilovina well preserved, they love to visit not only believers but also tourists.

The companies-organizers of tours in Durmitor and the Tara river canyon