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Hangzhou "In heaven there is Paradise, on earth Hangzhou!" The city of Hangzhou is one of the eight ancient capitals of China, the administrative, economic, cultural and scientific-technical center of…

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Tours in Indonesia
And the tale begins with the location of the country, which stretches along 13667 Islands on the way from Indian ocean to Pacific right on the equator. Tourists from all…

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Mud lakes of the Crimea

For several centuries in the Crimea used to treat and prevent silt and mud from treatment of lakes . On the Peninsula there are about 34 of these salt ponds, but not all of them are equally useful.

Perhaps the most famous lake is located in Saky. its development involved with the mid-19th century. Here is a stock of therapeutic mud, estimated at 4.5 million cubic metres. The depth of the Saki lake modest — only half a meter on average, the mud — oily, black, with a pungent smell of hydrogen sulfide. At first glance unpleasant, the material has a unique composition of microorganisms that help increase the body’s resistance to disease.

Evpatoria the lake Moinaki . no less famous than Saki. On its shores also has mud baths. however, in recent years the lake water has become highly prismatica, which negatively affects the healing properties of the mud (this statement is not confirmed, for a number of reasons: Eupatorium authorities decided to give the territory near the lake for construction. They are opposed by local residents, environmentalists and the defenders of the lake Moinaki, the statement that the lake has lost its healing properties appeared after prolonged battles between the parties, so information may be wrong).

High therapeutic properties of the lake Chokrak . situated on the Kerch Peninsula. Here is the healing mud at great depths, so its development today are unprofitable. Uzunlarskoe lake, also on the Kerch Peninsula, also with healing clay, but his strong desalination has led to the loss of a significant percentage of the therapeutic properties of the mud.

Dzharylgach — a salt lake in Western Crimea near the village of mizhvodne was the victim of a local fisherman who was trawling massively bloodworms, as a result of their activities layers of mud and sediment were trampled, mixed with layers without curative properties.

Northern Crimea was not researched adequately on the subject of medicinal silt in the lakes. Still nobody knows how useful clay is located in lakes of the Perekop group. Cisterns there are used for industrial purposes, for example water from the red lake mine bromine.

Lake Dzharylgach and Yarilgach