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The Brest region tourist – “Unique lake Sporovsky” (Hiking) along the lake Sporovsky

Length – about 6 km

The best time is may-July

The number of tourists to 20 people

For information: in Addition to the necessary tourist equipment participants must have rubber boots. The GPU worker accompanies the group throughout the route. The power – independently, or by appointment can be arranged of the GPU reserve “Sporovsky”.

The route begins East of lake Sporovskoe. The basic objects that are expected to introduce the tourists, associated with the peculiarities of biology and bogs mineral Islands, which can be seen on the route. The first is Botanical objects and wetlands. As trip participants will be able to see animals, birds and insects that live in the lake region.

To the place where a trail can be reached by car. The route begins with a visit to the pine-forests of filbert. This 40-year-old landing on the site of oak-hornbeam forests, which are everywhere carved into the postwar period. They grow rare plants: lady’s slipper, stash oval, tuberous jubanka, Morio dark red, margin elevation, closer to the swamp – hen hollow and Siberian iris.

Interest Polygonatum multiflorum, common ground, two types bereskleta, dogwood, zhostera laxative, sochevichnik (these plants can be told during the tour).

On the first point of inspection is available with forest herbs and, if lucky, with birds such as woodpecker, Jay, hoopoe, blue tit, Blackbird-Fieldfare, common cuckoo, nuthatch, and others). The entire examination will take about one hour.

The second stop through one km in the tract “Lipica”. The place is very picturesque – here woodlands of oak and hazel grows many types of herbs (St. John’s wort, yarrow, common loosestrife, field mint, meadowsweet, oregano, city avens, cinquefoil-USIC or galangal, comfrey, cranberry, etc more than 100 species). These farmlands is interesting because it is the restoration of agricultural landscapes. Visitors will learn how the recovery process, what types of herbs and shrubs and how intensively populated these lands.

With this tract, turn South towards the river Yaselda. The route goes partly on the Moors, partly mineral fen clayed soils. Once in the hayfields located near bog farms.

This is the third stopping point. In this place tourists get acquainted with marsh grasses and birds. The grass layer is dominated by sedges, reeds, sorrel, there are comfrey, yellow iris, marsh cinquefoil, closer to the river – the manna coming. The world of birds presents a typical lowland wetlands species: marsh Harrier, aquatic Warbler, corncrake, bittern, common crane, short-toed eagle. You can meet elk, ROE deer (more likely to see their tracks). In the old channel live bog turtles.

Rest and lunch on the banks of the Yaselda. The river is not very swampy, so there are locals, mow hay, as evidenced by the numerous stacks. After stopping the route is about two kilometers along the river upstream to a new channel North to the beginning. When advancing along the river you can observe a variety of birds and animals in this region.

At high floods the route impassable until the end, but to see a swamp with mounds and roads along drainage channels. In addition to natural marshes in its vicinity you can see the drained marsh areas North of D. Spore, as well as ancient settlements near the villages of Zditovo, Mostiki and Staromlyny located on the old waterways. You can visit more old Parking more than 3000 years.

Tourists can visit the Museum of folk crafts and household of Polesie villages in Spore, Bezdezh, Motol.