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Walking through the Park, we can hike to admire the icy splendor of the Northern nature. The Park stretches from the South to the North of Iceland. Vatnajökull covers an…

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Horror of Carpathia "Synevir" (Ukraine, 2013, Directors — Alexander and Vyacheslav Aleshechkin, cast — Sergey Romanyuk, Alyona Lavrenyuk, Ilya Rudakov, Bogdan Osipchuk, Zoryana Marchenko, Konstantin Voitenko, Philip Kozlov, Mila Sivickaja,…

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Sanatorium white lake

Lake White

«Lake White” – health resort Moscow city Hall is located in Shatura area of Moscow region, in one hundred and sixty kilometers from Moscow, on the shores of lake of karst origin, surrounded by Park Meschersky forest. The Shatursky area is considered the lake district. In the summer good fishing on White provided the lake is also famous for the abundance of crayfish.

Medical profile of the sanatorium -“Lake White” Moscow city Hall General therapeutic areas: diseases of systems: cardiovascular, endocrine. musculoskeletal, nervous, and diseases: dermatologic, ophthalmic, ENT and gynaecological. The sanatorium “White Lake” has extensive medical facilities, equipped with modern medical equipment and is considered one of the most comfortable for treatment and rehabilitation in the suburbs.

In January 2013 opened the mineral water pump room its source in the sanatorium “White Lake” . Extracted drinking medical-table mineral water (excretion “slags”), and brine mineral chloride-sodium bromide (mineral baths). Indications for internal use of mineral water: ulcers disease stomach and duodenal ulcers, gastritis, illness of the operated stomach, colitis and enterocolitis, inactive hepatitis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, cholelithiasis, pancreatitis, pyelonephritis. Disease in remission.

The official site of the sanatorium “White Lake” informs on simultaneous reception of more than a thousand holidaymakers 365 days a year. The sanatorium “Lake White” offers accommodation: Main building # 1 (connected to the medical building), building # 2 and «Russian village” – the complex is located near the sanatorium, made in ancient style.

To services of vacationers in the sanatorium “Lake White” – well equipped sports complex with swimming pool of 25 meters, cinema room, sports equipment hire, library, bars and shops, the cosmetology Department. A nice feature of the resort – hotel for Pets.

Charming suburban types give cheerfulness and unforgettable impressions for a long time. Suggest You start mastering native of the Moscow region sanatorium «Lake White” . The stay at the sanatorium – an unforgettable rest and treatment!