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Travel Club "Relax"
Venetian Riviera Where you want to go back. Who visited Italy, the house speculates that there should be one. This feeling does not go after the second or after the…

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The cleanest lakes in the world

But if some of them are known to the society, other know only in narrow circles.

Here is the list of the countries with the cleanest lake:

The Republic of Maldives; Australia; China; the Island of Sardinia (Italy); USA; Japan; Pakistan; Canada; Russia.

Island tale

Maldives – Islands, which have everything for a perfect holiday. But the most important is the crystal clear water. However, permanent rivers and lakes here (in the Republic there is a lack of drinking water). But the Atoll surrounded by the Indian ocean, which is inhabited by colorful fish, corals and other marine inhabitants. The water visibility off the coast reaches up to forty meters. These and enjoy daivari lovers and underwater walks.

Another island, which boasts the purity of local waters of the emerald coast. There are several small rivers and artificial lakes that reflect the beauty of wild nature, like a mirror. Located in the Mediterranean sea, it has retained its water in its banks is surprisingly transparent. In the waves near the largest island of the region inhabited by fish and animals of rare species.

Natural wonder

The purest lakes in the world are of natural origin. Australia can boast of two such objects. The first is the cave of red stone, filled with water. Surface disturbed only by the ripples created by the waterfall, but she does not stop to see the smallest pebbles on the bottom. In the southern part of the Green continent is another miracle – Piccaninnie Ponds. The blue ponds are part of the reserve, so dive into them is allowed only after passing many instances. But without diving you can see the bottom in detail.

Asia is also not less interesting. In the celestial Empire is the pure five flower Lake (Jiuzhaigou valley, Sichuan province). On the bottom can easily be seen old trees, which are buried under the transparent surface. In neighbouring Pakistan, among the mountains of the picturesque lake Seasar, which seems to be created artificially. Japan has on its territory the national Park akan and lake Mary at the foot of the mountains. Its water transparency reaches 40 meters. And admire the pond with numerous viewpoints. Among the cleanest lakes in the world is Baikal, located in Eastern Russia. It is the deepest fresh water body with a unique ecosystem, flora and fauna. No wonder the locals have long called it the sacred sea, and in 1996 it was included in the UNESCO List.

In North America there are two ponds that can claim the title of the cleanest lakes in the world. In Oregon (USA) is the Crater formed in the eruption of the volcano more than seven thousand years ago. Blue waves reflect the clouds and a Park near the base of the mountain. And in Canada is Peitho glacial origin, located in the Rocky mountains in Banff National Park. The outline of the pond resembles a wolf’s head, and the waves are a unique shade of turquoise.