Beautiful lake Garda
In the North of Italy, close to Milan and Verona, there is a lovely lake. We will go to the biggest of them pre-Alpine lake Garda. There is hardly in…

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Abstract five salt lakes in Chelyabinsk region
The ecological status of the Chelyabinsk region. The emissions estimate. In the area has many small, mostly salt lakes. Among the most . Dalmatian Pelican (the Red Book of Russia)…

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After the annexation in Crimea withered the lake Chokrak. RSS-aggregator of news of the world

In place of the reservoir began the irreversible processes of degradation of land, we can begin negative effects on the environment and wildlife.

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In the Crimea save the unique lake, which destroys a Russian businessman

The entrepreneur continues to fill the lake with debris, despite the court’s decision.

The Russian businessman continues to develop a unique lake in Crimea

Entrepreneur ignores decisions of the Ukrainian courts.

The Russian businessman continues to destroy the unique lake in Crimea

Now the lake is being built next to the dam.

The Polish foreign Ministry considers “fatal” situation in Crimea after the annexation by Russia

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski said that in the Crimea after the annexation by Russia is “fatal” situation. Believes that Crimea after the annexation fell into a fatal economic and political situation, and many residents of Crimea, who opposes the Ukraine, now beginning to regret that decision. Also assure that Poland and the EU do not recognize the annexation.

In Crimea has receded greatly of the unique Mountain reservoir

Reservoir to the annexation of Crimea was a reserve source of water supply of Sevastopol and Simferopol.

In Crimea after the annexation increased infection with AIDS – UN

Every tenth addict from those before the annexation of the Crimea was subjected to the treatment prohibited in Russia, methadone, had died. No treatment fuels HIV.

Poland and the EU does not recognize and do not recognize the annexation of Crimea – Sikorski

In Crimea after the Russian annexation is “fatal” situation.

Russia is financing terrorists ‘ unnecessary in Crimea, the hryvnia

Rest in Crimea, the hryvnia, after the annexation by Russia, were delivered to the terrorists of DNR, for the needs of the unrecognized economy.

As for the year, Russia has cleaned up the information space in Crimea

In Crimea stopped broadcasting in Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR. Thus concludes the process of “Stripping” information space of the new “power”. Independent journalism after the annexation became dangerous.

Russian businessman throws in the Crimea poisonous fish – ecologists

Unique lake Acigol was covered with blue-green algae.

The Ukrainian boat and a minesweeper in the Crimea tried to break out of the blockade

In Crimea the boat “Genichesk” attempted to break through the barricade at the entrance to lake Donuzlav. About it I wrote in Facebook the head of the media center defense Ministry in Crimea Vladislav Seleznev: “Sources of Donuzlav report that today the boat “Genichesk” attempted to break through the barricade at the entrance to lake Donuzlav. From the sea hindered a breakthrough of Buxi.

The UN Secretary General is going to visit Ukraine due to the annexation of Crimea

Ban Ki-moon will arrive in Ukraine “to resolve the situation around the military aggression and the annexation of Russia in the Crimea”.

“Ukrpochta” has started to send pensions in the annexed Crimea

For the first time after the Peninsula’s annexation of the Ukrainian pensioners in the Crimea began to receive money.

In the Crimea began to have problems and went with a tricolor – Chubarov

According to the head of the Majlis, after the annexation by Russia of the Peninsula, the lives of all Crimeans significantly deteriorated.

In Crimea kidnapped unique diving equipment Ukrainian rescuers

The state service of emergencies in Crimea was left without a diving equipment for deep cleaning. This was announced by Deputy acting head of DSNS Oleg Bondar.

A unique lake in Hungary cures for all illnesses of adults and children

The most popular resort of Hungary’s healing thermal lake hévíz. There is constantly warm water that falls from an underground spring, the lake has a unique peaty bottom, mud it cures many diseases.

Radoslaw Sikorski: “In Crimea after the annexation develops a fatal situation”

The head of Polish diplomacy Radoslaw Sikorski said that on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula after Russia’s annexation formed a “fatal” the situation.”I Want once again to assure that both the European Union and Poland did not recognize and do not intend to recognize the annexation.

Amnesty International released a special report on Crimea

In the report of human rights activists marking the anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea, the deterioration of the situation of human rights of Crimeans after the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula of the Russian Federation.

The OSCE confirmed the mass violation of rights in occupied Crimea

International observers noted drastic deterioration of the situation with human rights and freedoms in Crimea after the Peninsula’s annexation by Russia.

Crimea: life after the annexation

Rose products and medicines, and the Ukrainians make out residence permit.