The deepest lake in the world
  Lake like bodies of water scattered throughout the planet. Sometimes the scale of such natural areas surprise you, especially when it comes to size, and definitely the deepest lake…

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The Lake: features and types. Lakes of the world, their depth
Lake, its characteristics The lake — a reservoir formed on the land surface in the natural depression. As the lake has no direct connection with the ocean, it is —…

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The Magnificent marble cave and a beautiful lake Patagonia

The marble cave and a beautiful lake Patagonia

Marble caves and the most beautiful lake in Chile under the name “Chico”, located on the border of Argentina and Chile and are one of the most wonderful and beautiful places on our planet.

They have a primitive beauty of the marble rocks, combined with the crystal clear water of the lake . The mountain lake . makes us believe that Heaven on earth really exists, and it is in this place.

These marble caves and lake Patagonia are the main attraction. The caves attract many tourists from different corners of the earth. Unusual created mazes in a marble cave impress all tourists.

The rays of sunlight that penetrate in some places through a carved marble arch are truly impressive spectacle. From him come the glare of reflected light from the clear blue waters of the lake, creating incredible visual effects. So the marble cave is always — his looks different. And the level of transparency of the water in the caves are always changing, which also makes it every time to transform and bewitch.

How to get to the rest to Marble caves and the beautiful lakes of Patagonia

Just wanted to note that tourists are attracted not only to the beauty of this Paradise. But also here can find his passion for fishing lovers who can spend their time. since cave on the banks of the lake is home to abundant salmon and trout.

Marble caves in Chile “Chico” — are among the largest marble deposits in the ground. And reserves according to different estimates reach from 5 000 – 6 000 million tons. The lake itself is one of the ten deepest, most beautiful lakes in the world, its depth in some places reaches up to 590 meters, with an area of 1 850 sq. km.

To reach marble caves and beautiful lakes. tourists are required to cover the distance of about 1,300 km, and Tourists have to move from the capital of Chile (Santiago) to the nearest big city copiapó, in the road length of 300 km will go South, which will lead to the lake with stunning caves, donated to us by nature.

Erosion of marble cliffs in the lake has created an unusual beautiful Islands with interesting caves, known as marble cave.

Look and see the marble cave, as You are?

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