National parks of the world
Walking through the Park, we can hike to admire the icy splendor of the Northern nature. The Park stretches from the South to the North of Iceland. Vatnajökull covers an…

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Unique lake Tambukan in Kabardino-Balkaria, is under threat
In section Known healing pond Kabardino-Balkaria – lake Tambukan – can lose their therapeutic properties. This is due to the fact that the dense forest planted on the shores of…

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“volcanic lake”


Tongariro ( T ongariro National Park ) — the oldest national Park in Novoc Zealand, located in the Central part of the island Cavenago. This volcanic mountain chain, stretching along the northeast Pacific coast. These mountains have cultural and religious significance for the Maori people and symbolise their spiritual links with nature on the island. In the Park there are three extinct volcanoes – Ruapehu, the highest peak North of the island with a height of 2797 metres above sea level, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro.

The Park will offer exciting adventure travel by bikes, kayaking, river rafting and much more. For the convenience of living on the territory of National Park village is 4 star hotel and plenty of motels. In the cold season the Park will offer You an unforgettable ski trips. You can comfortably tourists to explore the unique landscapes, to travel the open countryside, to test themselves in fascinating passages through mountain passes.

The nature of this volcanic region unique. Frozen layers of lava flows and magma, volcanic lakes and other natural phenomena, testifying to its former activity. On the slopes Ngauruhoe visible traces of spills of black volcanic lava formed after the eruption of 1954.

There are also geothermal areas, numerous geysers and natural springs.

In the area of the national Park, there are many natural forests, rivers, Alpine valleys. Nature here has not experienced human impact.

Tongariro national Park – a special ecological region. The main tourist routes have the length to 6 days. You will be asked to travel around the mountains, explore unique wildlife, from the evergreen forests of the Western slope of Tongariro to the deserts in the East.

In the Park You can experience rafting, organizing rafting on the river Whakapapa. You can obtain a license for fishing in the local river. Also available are numerous trails for mountain bike nearby.

Very popular tours of the filming locations of the trilogy “Lord of the Rings”. All field personnel are made on open spaces of New Zealand and Tongariro played the role of mount Doom, which rose brave hobbits Frodo and Sam. You can repeat their way to the top, it will take 7-8 hours in view of stimulating and invigorating walks.

But the most widely known Tongariro has acquired a beautiful ski resort. On the slope of the volcano, has ski fields. It is a Paradise for fans of skiing and snowboarding. If you don’t know how to ride either on the other – do not worry, a sleigh ride or cable car ride. And don’t forget to enjoy the stunning views from a height!

Hunting in the Park is permitted only under license which can be purchased in the offices of game-hunting associations in Zerah Ohakune, Whakapapa, Turangi and Tuapo.