Lovely lakes of Italy - the Russian Courier
Many tourists are attracted by the amazing beauty of the lakes, which are abundant in Italian land. Guests willing to visit them, take photographs and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty.…

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Recreation Golden lake - description of the camp, photos, prices, booking of hotels in Altai, Teletskoye lake
LOCATION: recreation center "Golden lake" is located on the right Bank of the Teletskoe lake, the distance to the village of Artybash 2 km away, and Gorno-Altaisk 105 km to…

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Vacation in Austria. Diving in Tyrol: Achensee, Pernsteiner see and other lakes

Dark blue mountain lakes of Tyrol surrounded by the picturesque mountain landscape of the Alps.

Mountain range of the Karwendel combined form the largest conservation area in Europe. Between the Karwendel and Rofangebirge is the largest lake of Tyrol . In the clear cold water and there are many remains of cars. Many Tyrolean clubs of diving in the Achensee offer the corresponding courses. In addition, there is an underwater obstacle course submerged under the water for thirty feet plates with names of streets, remade into underwater dome tubs and boats, the chest, mailbox, and even by cable car.

Fernsteinsee & Semarangan see

In an almost mirror image of both mountain lakes shimmer surrounding forested peaks. Fernsteinsee and especially little Semarangan see are the cleanest waters in the Alps . On some days in Semarangan see view of the entire lake basin. Formed over decades of fantastic seagrass cover sunken tree trunks.

In 1984 across the lake was a powerful avalanche, which we resemble shimmering on the deep blue water, lying here and there trunks of trees. In a mountain lake . warmed up to 25 ºC degrees, you can often see lying motionless on the trunks of trees Sudakov, reaching half a meter. Base divers on the lake offers training courses and guided dives.

This mountain lake has drinking water quality and throughout the year has a good range of visibility, especially in winter (winter ice diving!). At the bottom of the second largest lake in Tyrol is the antique wooden carriage, wagons and wooden sleds, once used for transporting wood. Another feature is the large population of rare cancer bellesavia, populated here eighty years ago.

The lake is divided into two funnel-shaped basin in the center of the lake are separated from each other by a threshold. This place (“Urifälle”) rises from a depth of six meters. The water level in the lake in recent years has risen, so during dives we can see the remains of the former coastal fortifications. Due to the high quality of water found here in large numbers bezzubki which have become rare in the other lakes.

The lake is known for its excellent range of visibility . Here while diving is created particularly noticeable sensation of flight.