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Venetian Riviera Where you want to go back. Who visited Italy, the house speculates that there should be one. This feeling does not go after the second or after the…

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The Lake Mondsee, Tours to ski resorts in Austria and Ischgl in the winter
Lake Mondsee In the Salzkammergut in a well known resort area is very beautiful amazing lake Mondsee, which area is fifteen square kilometers. In length the lake stretches for seven…

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What lurks in the depths of the lake where the monsters live

At all times met people who claimed to have seen UFOs or the Loch ness monster. Truth or fiction we do not know. We have assembled a collection of lakes, which according to witnesses, live in the most notorious monsters.

Loch Ness, Scotland

Without exaggeration, the most famous lake monster in the world. Samaritanism rumors of which date back to the VI century BC,according to many scientists – the last dinosaur living on earth.

Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada

Ogopogo is a legendary monster that brought fame to the whole of British Columbia and almost come close in popularity to Nessie. Seen for the first time in 1958, he was regularly described by eyewitnesses as long sleader with a body resembling a barrel, a long neck and fins.

Lake Labynkyr, Yakutia, Russia

Labinski Hell – beast, seen by Yakut in the nineteenth century. Although the photo – video evidence or not. Additionally, the noise supposedly made by the monster, was able to record, and with the help of sonar, there was a huge shadow, is clearly not suitable in size or one famous lake fish.

Kanas Lake, Xinjiang Province, China

Huge first living creature was spotted by students at a local University in 1985. Later there appeared rumours that the monster drags regularly under water animals and birds. In the 90s, forgot about it, but in 2011, several witnesses claimed that the monster rose again to the surface. One of them even managed to make a picture.

The lake Kok-Kol, Dzhambul region, Kazakhstan

Here multiple observations of eyewitnesses, there is a huge (at least 15 meters long), bloodthirsty creature, utaskivaet under the water birds and animals. Local monster called “water spirit Aydahar”.

The lake Storsjön, in the province of jämtland County, Sweden

Local inhabitant – a huge lizard, the first of which date back to 1635. Its existence was long considered just a medieval legend, but in the beginning of the 2000s the local media wrote that the monster saw the two girls. They were scared to death. At first their story was not taken seriously, but a few years later on the shores of lake found the incredible size of the traces, to identify the owner of which still failed. It is also known that the lake has set a giant trap.

Lake Champlain, USA – Canada

First local monster described by the eyewitness, a Sheriff named Nathan Mooney in 1883, as a huge black snake about 50 feet long. In 1977 the tourist Sandra Mansi managed to photograph the head, the neck and the back of the monster. Also, according to other eyewitnesses, “the Champ” available from three to five humps on the back.

The brosno lake, Tver region, Russia