Unique lake Tambukan in Kabardino-Balkaria, is under threat
In section Known healing pond Kabardino-Balkaria – lake Tambukan – can lose their therapeutic properties. This is due to the fact that the dense forest planted on the shores of…

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What lurks in the depths of the lake where the monsters live
At all times met people who claimed to have seen UFOs or the Loch ness monster. Truth or fiction we do not know. We have assembled a collection of lakes,…

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The Lake Hillier (Australia)

On the Middle island of the archipelago Research off the West coast of Australia is very unusual, amazing lake with water bright pink lake Hiller. With bird’s-eye lake looks like a layer of pink icing on an oblong cake. The area around the lake is wooded and framed by the bright green beautifully accentuates the natural beauty of the lake.

Fairly shallow, salty, length 600 meters, the pond is surrounded by a narrow strip of white sand dunes. The green of the forest, white dunes, pink color of the water gives the landscape an unearthly appearance.

Middle island archipelago is the most visited among all the Islands. The island itself is famous for its quite a few monotonous, covered with dense eucalyptus forest, and think that there is nothing interesting. But the first impression is deceptive, genuinely interested in the lake Hiller is a bright pink with travelers and researchers.

On her trip to Australia, on the way to Sydney on the lake stumbled in 1802, an English hydrographer and Navigator Matthew Flinders. What a surprise it was seasoned sailor, when in the dense forest, he found a pink pond.

In subsequent years, the island swam the seal hunters, whalers, all admired this wonderful sight. Over time, many of them settled here, the first settlements appeared, began salt production at the lake. Mined it a bit and after 6 years decided to cease production of the mineral. For many years the island was in oblivion, life here came to a standstill.

A new wave of interest in unusual natural pond appeared in 1950. Organized a scientific expedition to study natural properties of the water body, chemical analysis of water. It turned out that the cause of the unusual color of the lake water, according to the researchers, were the algae that live in its salty waters.

Some researchers disagree with the findings of this expedition, conducted numerous additional scientific quest, traces of algae was not found, the mystery of lake Hillier remains a mystery.

The peace and quiet of the Middle of the island and pink lake Hiller now does not violate any production. Every year the island attracts thousands of tourists to witness this miracle of nature.