Lake Louise (Lake Louise), Canada
Inland resorts of lake Louise The resort is located in South-Western Canada, Alberta in Banff National Park, 55 km West of the town of Banff and 177 km from the…

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Abstract five salt lakes in Chelyabinsk region
The ecological status of the Chelyabinsk region. The emissions estimate. In the area has many small, mostly salt lakes. Among the most . Dalmatian Pelican (the Red Book of Russia)…

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Tours in Indonesia

And the tale begins with the location of the country, which stretches along 13667 Islands on the way from Indian ocean to Pacific right on the equator.

Tourists from all over the world come year-round on the beaches of Indonesia to enjoy the exotic beauty.

The country’s climate is also conducive to rest, the Equatorial and subequatorial with plenty of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms during winter. However, this does not make the stay less pleasant, in Indonesia there is always something to do.

For example, to visit historical places, monuments, original architecture or to watch the animal games in the reserves. This Royal architectural ensemble on the island, the military Museum in Medan, mosque Mesjid-Raya, Istana, “the Orchid Garden” in the village of Melaka, a nature reserve Gunung laser with exotic animals, Channels of Palembang, the volcano Krakatau, a volcanic lake Toba dark water. Amazing experience will leave the visiting tribe Dayak (Kalimantan), whaling and observation of giant lizards on the island of Komodo.

But even the stay on the Islands of Indonesia is already admiring the unique flora and fauna, greenery and the azure sea.

The most popular resorts are located in Bali (Kuta, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Sanur). There are comfortable, expensive hotels, landscaped area and excellent entertainment. Payment is accepted in local currency – Indonesian rupees, and Bank cards.

But there is another category of resorts, where luxury gives way to nature. This place Bohorok on the island of Sumatra, lake Toba on the island of Samaris, mountain resort Bandung on Java island, island of Sulawesi for diving enthusiasts.

Going to Indonesia remember:

• in the country 3 time zones and the minimum is 5 hours;

• flight from Moscow will be 15 to 24 hours;

• the main language in the country of Indonesia, but in addition there are about 300 languages;

• more than 80% of the population are Muslims;

• main food is rice.

About Indonesia say: “Country of contrasts”. Indonesians say: “I mean bad, but good at heart”.