The Brest region tourist - "Unique lake Sporovsky" (Hiking) along the lake Sporovsky
Length - about 6 km The best time is may-July The number of tourists to 20 people For information: in Addition to the necessary tourist equipment participants must have rubber…

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The Lake Mondsee, Tours to ski resorts in Austria and Ischgl in the winter
Lake Mondsee In the Salzkammergut in a well known resort area is very beautiful amazing lake Mondsee, which area is fifteen square kilometers. In length the lake stretches for seven…

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As a result, today in Chile you will find calm, full of dignity, but very friendly people with their own flavour, carefully preserved national tradition and is not alien to beneficial innovations.

Chile is inhabited by fascinating ethnic group, which was formed on the basis of Indian culture with great influence of Spanish, which later “was podpisalis” Western European and Slavic features. But Africa and Asia had no impact on modern Chileans.

If you would like for the vacation to drive around the country, we embark on a journey in July-August. The optimal period for weather indicators in different regions. To stay in one place better than anywhere in Central Chile, because here all the year round the climate is monotonous and smooth — Mediterranean. On the notorious Easter island held steady subtropics. The capital Santiago is good to visit in winter (our Northern calendar).

Traveling through these lands, you shouldn’t miss the famous chungara lake, Miscanti, try to see the geysers El Tatio, The parinacota volcano. Chile attractions you can enumerate a very long time. So do not be lazy to be curious, to question and to enjoy.

With local residents to find a common language easily, especially in their environment will certainly find someone that owns the same language as you, whether it be English, German and even Russian. That’s just not necessary to have discussions on political topics, but not because they are “taboo”. The only thing that really care about the politics and history of Chile will keep holding you a few hours, debating on the subject, many passers-by will join your discussion.

Chile — an amazing country, which is rightly called a land of contrasts. Here they are everywhere — in humans, natural objects, geographical features. Even the climate of Chile is impossible to speak definitely, as the length of the state gives him several climatic zones — from sub-Equatorial heat to the cool temperate zone.