The Lake Balaton - TB ALCES. Rest and treatment in the Balaton
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The Lake Hillier (Australia)
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Travel Club “Relax”

Venetian Riviera

Where you want to go back.

Who visited Italy, the house speculates that there should be one. This feeling does not go after the second or after the tenth trip. Italy is very different, its regions do not resemble each other. Venetian Riviera — a special world of comfortable beaches, parks and atmosphere of carelessness.

Sea, pines, mountains

Venetian Riviera called several resorts on the Northern coast of Italy. From there you can see the snow caps of the Alpine peaks, everywhere Italian pine — pine. The beaches are sandy and gently sloping, Adriatic sea warms up quickly and cools down for a long time, and the swimming season lasts from may to October.

— There are no hotels, which would have a long walk to the shore, — says the Manager of travel “Relax” on the street Esenin Olga KNYAZEVA. — They built the lines, even from a third distance to the sea will not exceed three hundred meters. Almost all of the hotels complimentary beach equipment — sun loungers and parasols.

Caorle with its atmosphere of an old fishing town many call one of the most interesting resorts of the Venetian Riviera. Medieval architecture, Golden sand, picturesque lagoons, pine forests — is a picturesque place attracts tourists from all over the world. Stay there calm, measured: magnificent landscapes, Mediterranean cuisine, fish market, the breath of the past centuries. It is interesting to walk through the historic city center, many preserved since the middle Ages. For example, the Cathedral of the XI century, the old bell tower, museums — without vivid impressions did not leave.

In Lignano lot of fun: amusement Park, zoo, water rides. This very elegant resort combines with kinds of wildlife.

Bibione and fans will appreciate the SPA. This resort is famous for its thermal springs. Here you can find a very pleasant and relaxing beauty treatments and serious medical care: local doctors have long specialized in rehabilitation.

And relaxation, and extreme

But the main resort of the Venetian Riviera — Lido di Jesolo. This well maintained town with a developed infrastructure. Here with pleasure and coming youth who will appreciate the rich nightlife of the resort, and couples with children — for them there are plenty of entertainment. That only is one of the largest water parks of Europe ’s Aqualandia”. This place — the true land of adventure and wonder! The transition on the suspension bridge, horse racing on a wild bull, bungee jumping, diving, climbing, conquering artificial waves in the pool, a football match on a flooded pitch, soapy water — and the child and adult have something to get excited. Here are the highest in Europe, a waterslide, and diving Board — the thrill-seekers will appreciate it! But fans of relaxation too, will leave with unforgettable impressions.

After 8 PM in the centre of Lido di Jesolo traffic stops. He becomes a pedestrian zone. The boardwalk here — 14 miles! And it is all branded shops, clubs, bars and picturesque cafes with inimitable Italian cuisine.

Poetry kitchen

As a cook in Italy! Even useless to talk about it — you need to try. Incomparable cheeses, delicious seafood, special meat delicacies, for example the world-famous Parma ham. The Italians know how to create a story from the most simple products. Ingredients pasta, risotto, pizza, lasagna easy, but here these dishes seem to be the pinnacle of cooking. And Italian ice cream! All colors and flavors only natural, with pieces of fruit. For example, you can try the ice cream of rose petals, chocolate with pepper, different cheeses, southern red orange, pistachios, and real. And you know that pistachio natural treat has a different taste from what is sold in our stores. And what a pleasure waking up to the smell of Italian pastries, which we cook you for Breakfast!

From any resort easy access to legendary attractions. Just half an hour boat trips on the boat — and you’re in Venice! Close and the legendary Verona-the city of Romeo and Juliet. Visit Trieste — Austrian pompous, not like the rest of Italy. Here you can stroll through the Park of Miramare — white castle on the edge of a cliff that looks like swallow’s nest in Crimea. You will probably want to visit “Riviera olive” — it is the largest lake in Italy Garda, surrounded by the majestic slopes of the Alps.

With my own eyes

— When I saw the shore of Venice from the boat, my first thought was: “Want to come back”. Even before he was in town, — says Elena TROFIMOVA ryazanka. — I was walking through Venice, saw a local craftsman makes products from famous local glass. There quite tame pigeons! Went on beautiful lake Garda. However, we ran into a fierce storm. And by the way, that the Russians were the only ones who risked in this kind of weather to sail in a boat. Feeling that gives Italy, it is difficult to describe in words. I liked its inhabitants: it is a very welcoming, available and pleasant to talk to people. Well, the cuisine of Italy — it’s art. Most

I was impressed by the lasagna. I didn’t even understand what made the dish, but the taste was just awesome!