Largest lakes of Russia
On the territory of the Russian Federation is home to many water bodies, including lakes. The biggest of these are: lake Baikal, lake Ladoga. Lake Onega. Lake Peipsi. Ilmen lake,…

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The Magnificent marble cave and a beautiful lake Patagonia
The marble cave and a beautiful lake Patagonia Marble caves and the most beautiful lake in Chile under the name "Chico", located on the border of Argentina and Chile and…

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The largest lake of Ukraine – Synevyr

The largest lake of Ukraine is located in the most picturesque place of Transcarpathian region – mezhigorie. The lake Synevir is located in the upper reaches of the river Tereblya at the height of 989 meters above sea level.

The lake was formed about 10 thousand years ago due to falling rocks caused by strong earthquake. The landslide blocked the riverbed of a mountain stream, and the resulting depression was filled with water. Synevir lake is fed by three mountain streams. From the lake water on the surface of the leaves. It seeps beneath the ground through the rocks and gets into the Teasing. Due to this the lake never overflows.

But locals have another version regarding the origin of the lake Synevyr. According to the legend, once upon a time lived in these parts count, which were daughter-beauty with beautiful blue eyes, and call her Blue. One day she was walking through the woods and heard the sound of a pipe. It played a guy named VIR. So they met and soon fell in love with each other. Oh they loved that I could not live without each other. But this learned her father, and forbade them to meet. But they didn’t listen, and the Earl ordered his servants to kill vyr. They threw him from the mountain large stone. When Blue found the body of VIR, we cried, and her tears formed lake Synevyr. On the shore now figures are Blue and Vira with mahogany.

By the middle of the lake there is a very small island. It is possible to swim on a raft just 20 hryvnia. Near the lake there is a Museum of forest and alloy, which is unique in Europe. A similar Museum is only in Canada. The Ukrainian Museum presents the means on the frame and the alloy of wood and things from the everyday life of loggers.

Swimming in the lake is not permitted. But in principle, at a temperature of 10-12 degrees, it is unlikely that someone will want.

To get to the lake Synevyr is best for their own transport. You need to go through the town of Mezhgorye, and then on to the Synevir Meadow. Take a bus more difficult, as he only goes once a day. But if I have to spend the night, then at the lake there is a hotel and restaurant.