The Most beautiful lakes in the world
Fresh and salt, deep and shallow, crystal clear and azure are some of the epithets, which can describe a beautiful creation of nature – lake. We offer you a selection…

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Beautiful lake Garda
In the North of Italy, close to Milan and Verona, there is a lovely lake. We will go to the biggest of them pre-Alpine lake Garda. There is hardly in…

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Cadra Mary of the lake Sea Eye

The national Park Mari Chodra located in the southern part of the Vyatsky Uval. The terrain of the Park is very diverse – there are high hills, deep ravines and steep cliffs.

Real pearls Mari Chodra is its lake. They come to admire not only the residents of Mari El, but also the guests from Tatarstan, Chuvashia and more distant regions. Each of the Mari lake has its own flavor, its own legends and history.

The most famous lakes national Park – yalchik, Deaf, Kichi-Er, Mill, Teterkina, the Mushan-Yer, Conan the EP, The EP, the Shut-EP Installation, EP. The deepest one is the lake Bang. Its depth of 56 meters. Like most lakes in the Park, the Bang was the result of the failure of the earth.

Perhaps the most legendary of the local lakes is the Sea Eye, got its name from the unusual turquoise color of the water. The appearance of Sea Eye tells the tragic legend. They say that once in its place was a dense coniferous forest. He passed through a big road, along which from the earth beat springs with pure spring water. Once on this road drove the wedding procession and did not see playing people, the earth suddenly shook and fell in their way. Went to the open expanse of the old trees, followed in the formed failure has disappeared and the tuple. The stories of the locals, still above the lake you can hear the soft sounds of wedding songs and the bells.

All these legends. Scientists estimate Sea Eye about 20 thousand years. The lake is fed from underground springs, so the water at its surface is very clear and cold. However, on hot summer days she manages to warm up to 20 C, which attracts numerous swimmers. It is believed that the water of the lake healing and cures many diseases. Even just being near the Sea the Eye is in itself a great pleasure. From the high Bank overlooking the huge bowl filled with turquoise water, which descends the serpentine narrow path. Picturesquely scattered around huge boulders, a slim spruce grow, and the air holds the smell of warm pine needles and resin. And will not want to leave.

Another lake Park – Deaf, since 1976 it was declared a natural landmark. The lake was formed in the merger of the four karst sinkholes. It is very elongated (length – 900 m, width 100 m) and its shape resembles a Crescent moon. In the middle of the lake there is a narrow swampy isthmus on both sides of which the bottom goes almost vertically to a great depth.

Lake wilderness is very popular with divers. Diving deeper, you can find big pike and perch. After reaching there, where barely penetrates sunlight, you can find yourself in this underwater forest. Here, at the bottom, “grow” in the high trees failed here many centuries ago.

Apart from the rest is the lake Sangaldan, which is located near maple mountain. The lake is surrounded by forest, it seems as if he goes ashore straight out of the water. The lake bottom is covered with hydrogen sulfide silt mud, which has excellent medicinal properties.

A few dozen meters from Sangaldan the river Ilet is one of the cleanest rivers in Russia. It is filled with many springs, one of which is called the Green key. It is called green because of malachite color of the seabed that gave him deposits of mineral salts. Year round water in the key has the same temperature — about +5 C, so in winter it does not freeze. Even in the most severe frosts over the spring hangs a cloud of vapor, as if from beneath the earth has a geyser. This vapor settles on the branches of trees and creates on them a snow patterns.

Some more keys are near the Green spring. There is a lake called Boiling area. It combines several large and small keys, which together form a small river flowing through the dark forest.

Maple mountain is the highest point of the Park Mari Chodra (196 meters). In its surroundings there are very active karst processes. Their effects are visible everywhere – funnel of diameter 55 – 70 meters and a failure of the lake with depths up to 36 meters.

Near the mountain cliff rises Sangaldan. His name translated from the Mari language means “fall”, “dive down”. From his perch at a glance is seen the valley of the ilet river there and the surrounding forest.

One of the tributaries of Ileti – the river Usut. Once around her stretched an extensive swamp, on which it was possible to move freely on the kayak. Once local irrigators undertook the draining of the forest, many swamps have disappeared, and with it left for the swamp animals and significantly decreased the berry. In recent years, tractors and excavators had left the Mari Forests, and nature slowly began to recover. Appeared again seemed permanently disappeared from these places, birds and animals.