The deepest lake in the world
  Lake like bodies of water scattered throughout the planet. Sometimes the scale of such natural areas surprise you, especially when it comes to size, and definitely the deepest lake…

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National Park Durmitor and the Tara river canyon – the Arriva
Durmitor national Park (the scheme ) was included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1980. Here the beauty of nature is revealed so that it outshines other natural attractions…

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Journey to the emerald island. The lakes of Killarney and the gorge Dungloe

The lakes of Killarney, the gorge Dungloe or trying to lose No. 2

We were in Killarney with only one purpose – to see the famous lake, but what we got was beyond our imaginable expectations. And that’s all because in the inform-Bureau, where our eyes ran from the abundance of choice of excursions in County Kerry, grandma “God dandelion” with a beautiful Oxford accent strongly recommended us to take a trip through the Gorge Dungloe. To deny her was impossible:)

I must say that the choice of travelling through the gorge Dungloe – it’s a gamble of the highest standard, except for the trip to Ireland itself.

And to be clear, a tour of the gorge Dungloe – this is a combined tour by bus with a fleeting view of the nature of the National Park, then an independent walking 12 miles! the walk through the gorge and rafting on the lakes and bays of Killarney.

Naturally, the passage of each stage has a time limit and if you want this same day back in Killarney, then you need the time to get to the boat station (and this is after a 12 km walk!) and catch the last boat that goes towards the city. And we needed to catch, is very necessary, because at 19.00 with bus station Killarney went out the last bus to Limerick. And if not for Harry the horse, which appeared in the latest and therefore the most suitable moment, we would be totally lost and “who cares”, perhaps, would have seen Ireland. ))

Gorge Dungloe. The journey begins…

Of course, it was supposed, that to conquer the gorge can be and in a wagon, and riding rough-legged horse:

But we almost unanimously Ksusha:) decided to conquer the gorge more classic way.

Moreover, to capture the spirit of was more than something:

Almost the grove of the druids…

The manifestation of Yin and Yang in nature

It is curious that almost everywhere on the slopes of the gorge were grazing sheep here:

Continue the conquest of the gorge…it was the nth kilometer of road, and the boat station is not yet in sight…

Sometimes it is worth looking back to see the beauty of distance traveled…

To the boat station, which means until the last boat is just nothing – 5 km and 20 minutes…

Almost Arabian stallion – horse Harry or Lagutenko in Korobchenko

Rafting on the lakes. We managed!

The emerald grass of Ireland