Abstract five salt lakes in Chelyabinsk region
The ecological status of the Chelyabinsk region. The emissions estimate. In the area has many small, mostly salt lakes. Among the most . Dalmatian Pelican (the Red Book of Russia)…

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The Brest region tourist - "Unique lake Sporovsky" (Hiking) along the lake Sporovsky
Length - about 6 km The best time is may-July The number of tourists to 20 people For information: in Addition to the necessary tourist equipment participants must have rubber…

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Ecuador – a place where everything is Vice versa

This journey was memorable to me its uniqueness. I would call it “Traveling first time”: first time in Latin America, the first time below the Equator, etc.

So my puteshestvie began with the landing in Ecuador’s capital, Quito. It was evening and pervich memories remain chaotic lights and dark narrow streets. The next day we went to walk around the city. To start, we went up the hill with a viewing platform “El Panecillo”. On top of the statue of the Saint, and with a significant hill offers amazing views of the city.

The city was struck by its diversity: from narrow dirty streets, to Shikari temples with expensive furnishings.

Plaza San Francisco

Iglesia de la compañía

Iglesia de El Sagrario

Iglesia de Basilica

And almost everywhere you can see IT!

In the evening you can stroll along the “Calle de La Ronda”. There are many restaurants with live music, as well as people demonstrating their talents. Napomnit our Arbat.

The next place that you want to visit, is 40 minutes from the city and is called “Monumento Mitad del Mundo” or the Middle, or Equator line. Unforgettable standing with one foot in North plecarii and the other in the South.

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After the annexation in Crimea withered the lake Chokrak. RSS-aggregator of news of the world

In place of the reservoir began the irreversible processes of degradation of land, we can begin negative effects on the environment and wildlife.

To read the news.

In the Crimea save the unique lake, which destroys a Russian businessman

The entrepreneur continues to fill the lake with debris, despite the court’s decision.

The Russian businessman continues to develop a unique lake in Crimea

Entrepreneur ignores decisions of the Ukrainian courts.

The Russian businessman continues to destroy the unique lake in Crimea

Now the lake is being built next to the dam.

The Polish foreign Ministry considers “fatal” situation in Crimea after the annexation by Russia

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski said that in the Crimea after the annexation by Russia is “fatal” situation. Believes that Crimea after the annexation fell into a fatal economic and political situation, and many residents of Crimea, who opposes the Ukraine, now beginning to regret that decision. Also assure that Poland and the EU do not recognize the annexation.

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“volcanic lake”


Tongariro ( T ongariro National Park ) — the oldest national Park in Novoc Zealand, located in the Central part of the island Cavenago. This volcanic mountain chain, stretching along the northeast Pacific coast. These mountains have cultural and religious significance for the Maori people and symbolise their spiritual links with nature on the island. In the Park there are three extinct volcanoes – Ruapehu, the highest peak North of the island with a height of 2797 metres above sea level, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro.

The Park will offer exciting adventure travel by bikes, kayaking, river rafting and much more. For the convenience of living on the territory of National Park village is 4 star hotel and plenty of motels. In the cold season the Park will offer You an unforgettable ski trips. You can comfortably tourists to explore the unique landscapes, to travel the open countryside, to test themselves in fascinating passages through mountain passes.

The nature of this volcanic region unique. Frozen layers of lava flows and magma, volcanic lakes and other natural phenomena, testifying to its former activity. On the slopes Ngauruhoe visible traces of spills of black volcanic lava formed after the eruption of 1954.

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