Largest lakes of Russia
On the territory of the Russian Federation is home to many water bodies, including lakes. The biggest of these are: lake Baikal, lake Ladoga. Lake Onega. Lake Peipsi. Ilmen lake,…

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Seven unique parks of Russia On 1 January 1917 in Russia created the first reserve — Barguzinsky. Since 1997 this day is celebrated as the Day of reserves. On the…

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Tours in Indonesia

And the tale begins with the location of the country, which stretches along 13667 Islands on the way from Indian ocean to Pacific right on the equator.

Tourists from all over the world come year-round on the beaches of Indonesia to enjoy the exotic beauty.

The country’s climate is also conducive to rest, the Equatorial and subequatorial with plenty of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms during winter. However, this does not make the stay less pleasant, in Indonesia there is always something to do.

For example, to visit historical places, monuments, original architecture or to watch the animal games in the reserves. This Royal architectural ensemble on the island, the military Museum in Medan, mosque Mesjid-Raya, Istana, “the Orchid Garden” in the village of Melaka, a nature reserve Gunung laser with exotic animals, Channels of Palembang, the volcano Krakatau, a volcanic lake Toba dark water. Amazing experience will leave the visiting tribe Dayak (Kalimantan), whaling and observation of giant lizards on the island of Komodo.

But even the stay on the Islands of Indonesia is already admiring the unique flora and fauna, greenery and the azure sea.

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“the lake is known for”


“In heaven there is Paradise, on earth Hangzhou!”

The city of Hangzhou is one of the eight ancient capitals of China, the administrative, economic, cultural and scientific-technical center of Zhejiang province and transport hub in southeastern China.

Through the town flow the longest artificial canal in the world – the Grand canal from Beijing to Hangzhou and the river is the Qiantang river, famous for its tides.

Hangzhou is famous historical and cultural city with 8000 year history. Hangzhou has long been called Paradise because of its rich resources and beautiful scenery. Italian traveler Marco Polo in his notes called Hangzhou the most beautiful and luxurious city in the world.

Currently in Hangzhou, there are two tourist area of national importance (West lake and Qiandao lake), two nature reserves of national importance, five national forest parks and one tourist and resort region of national importance. State Park wetland Xixi in Hangzhou, open to the public from 1 may 2007, is the first in China Park wetlands. 60 km from Hangzhou are the famous picturesque mountains of Moganshan.

Attractions Hangzhou

West Lake

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