Tours in Indonesia
And the tale begins with the location of the country, which stretches along 13667 Islands on the way from Indian ocean to Pacific right on the equator. Tourists from all…

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The most ancient element in the fauna of the lake are the Indian bryozoans Victorella bengalensis, and L. S. Berg clam which, by definition, VA Lindholm, Hydrobia venturosa. This species…

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The most Beautiful lakes in the world – Advertising Agency paladin, Krasnoyarsk, BTL Agency paladin, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Sometimes looking at the picture and can’t believe my eyes — there’s no such colors in nature! However, on planet Earth, so many amazing places with a completely alien landscapes and unreal colors, it seems the whole life is not enough to visit them.

The pink lake

The pink lake or lake Retba located in Senegal. The name of the lake derives from the special color of the water. This color is caused by a large number of cyanobacteria in water: absorbing sunlight, microorganisms produce the pigment that turns the water. He was particularly noticeable during the dry season. Other organic life in Retba not — for algae and fish too high a concentration of salt in the water. Its content reaches 40 %. It is extracted from the bottom of the lake for nearly 50 years.

The retba is not the only one of its kind. On Earth there are at least two pink lake Hiller in Australia and salt ponds in San Francisco Bay.

Lake General Carrera

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Largest lakes of Russia

On the territory of the Russian Federation is home to many water bodies, including lakes. The biggest of these are: lake Baikal, lake Ladoga. Lake Onega. Lake Peipsi. Ilmen lake, Alexander lake, Segozero, Kulunda lake and Teletskoye lake.

The great lakes of Europe include the following reservoirs: lake Saimaa, Onega, Ilmen and Ladoga. Of special note is the Pskov-Peipsi lake, which is in contrast to the above lakes flows into the sea through the river Narova. The other lakes connected with the sea through the river Neva. To Russia are all the lakes except lake Saimaa.

The largest and deepest freshwater lake of the planet — it is a Baikal. The lake is located in Eastern Siberia. on the territory of the Republic of Buryatia and the Irkutsk region. All along the lake are mountains covered with snow. In the lake Baikal region earthquakes occur. that testifies to the activity of tectonic plates in this region. Water surface of the lake is at 456 meters above sea level. The lake area is 31 500 cubic meters. Baikal is the deepest lake. In depth it is in the first place. Depth is 1637 meters. On the continent of Eurasia volume of water in lake Baikal only more only in the Caspian sea. Baikal, stretches 636 km wide, the lake reaches 80 km. the temperature of the water in the lake during the warm period is eight to nine degrees Celsius. At great depths the temperature is below three, four Continue reading

The deepest lake in the world


Lake like bodies of water scattered throughout the planet. Sometimes the scale of such natural areas surprise you, especially when it comes to size, and definitely the deepest lake in the world Baikal, requires attention. Don’t have to be a desperate traveler or lover of extreme sports, to discover this world, moreover, it is possible to do today, from the comfort of your own sofa.

The deepest lake in the world

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