The cleanest lakes in the world
But if some of them are known to the society, other know only in narrow circles. Here is the list of the countries with the cleanest lake: The Republic of…

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Original Sumatra island
Sumatra island with adjacent small Islands has an area of about 450 thousand km and belongs to the Large Sunda Islands in Southeast Asia. Sumatra is 6th largest island on…

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Tours in Indonesia

And the tale begins with the location of the country, which stretches along 13667 Islands on the way from Indian ocean to Pacific right on the equator.

Tourists from all over the world come year-round on the beaches of Indonesia to enjoy the exotic beauty.

The country’s climate is also conducive to rest, the Equatorial and subequatorial with plenty of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms during winter. However, this does not make the stay less pleasant, in Indonesia there is always something to do.

For example, to visit historical places, monuments, original architecture or to watch the animal games in the reserves. This Royal architectural ensemble on the island, the military Museum in Medan, mosque Mesjid-Raya, Istana, “the Orchid Garden” in the village of Melaka, a nature reserve Gunung laser with exotic animals, Channels of Palembang, the volcano Krakatau, a volcanic lake Toba dark water. Amazing experience will leave the visiting tribe Dayak (Kalimantan), whaling and observation of giant lizards on the island of Komodo.

But even the stay on the Islands of Indonesia is already admiring the unique flora and fauna, greenery and the azure sea.

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Travel Club “Relax”

Venetian Riviera

Where you want to go back.

Who visited Italy, the house speculates that there should be one. This feeling does not go after the second or after the tenth trip. Italy is very different, its regions do not resemble each other. Venetian Riviera — a special world of comfortable beaches, parks and atmosphere of carelessness.

Sea, pines, mountains

Venetian Riviera called several resorts on the Northern coast of Italy. From there you can see the snow caps of the Alpine peaks, everywhere Italian pine — pine. The beaches are sandy and gently sloping, Adriatic sea warms up quickly and cools down for a long time, and the swimming season lasts from may to October.

— There are no hotels, which would have a long walk to the shore, — says the Manager of travel “Relax” on the street Esenin Olga KNYAZEVA. — They built the lines, even from a third distance to the sea will not exceed three hundred meters. Almost all of the hotels complimentary beach equipment — sun loungers and parasols.

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